Last Minute Links

I’m off on an over-night road trip to Illinois in a couple of hours so I thought I would post a few links to keep you fed for a bit.

1. Barry’s union problems. Or is it a Democrat problem as Reynold’s says? Or to be more specific, a racist Democrat problem?

2. Al Gore Meets the Chicken Fried Zombie Monsters.

3. My good blogging friend, Neil, is discussing “white privilege” over at his place. It’s not his usual kind of post and he is a brave man for doing it. That said, after making two three comments I think I am gonna stay away because I just know I am going to end up arguing with a bunch of people who believe very differently from me. Pointless arguments because I know I am not going to change any minds and will probably just upset his peaceful, funny, marshmallow cloud, rainbow-colored unicorn world there. (And I mean that description in a good way because if you’re not reading Neil, you’re life is poorer for it.  Well, not below poverty-level poor, but definitely you are eating more McDonald’s dollar menu items than you should be.)

A caution though. If you do go and feel the need to comment, please be respectful because Neil and his readers deserve it.

4. The “Depressing” Drumbeat. My word – depressing – because the truth in this relatively short piece makes one feel that way.

5. The Big Bang turns out to be the big bust. Hmmm, maybe if they gave it some Viagra?

Hat-tip to Theo Spark for the cartoon.


  1. That is an amusing cartoon. 😉

    I don’t get the media attention to Palin’s family either. That shouldn’t be an issue – or at least much one. I’m not sure though why the media isn’t spending more time on her complete lack of any substance though.

  2. Hope I wasn’t too disrespectful to YOU on Neil’s blog…okay, I may have called your latest comment “NUTS!” but I really laughed when I read your description of Neil’s peaceful, funny, marshmallow cloud, rainbow-colored unicorn world. And totally got how you meant that in a very positive way!

  3. Danny,

    No, it is fine. And I hope I wasn’t disrespectful to you either. I didn’t mean to be, but sometimes when writing something it just comes across too strongly, no matter how you mean it.

  4. “I’m not sure though why the media isn’t spending more time on her complete lack of any substance though.”

    Because if they did, they would only emphasize Barry’s complete lack of substance? Just a theory mind you.

  5. That is good stuff over at Neil’s.

  6. Enjoy Illinois, I hope we are hospitable to you!

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