And I Thought They Only Hated Us After Bush Was Elected

Today is the 15th Anniversary of the Twin Towers bombing.  

No worries, though. I’m sure they’ll start “not-hating” us again after Obama is elected.


  1. I contend that they will stop hating us after we stop slaughtering them and waging jihad against them. The only way you can get away with this hymie bullshit propaganda is to lie and tell it to stupid people.

    Bin Laden has written public letters to the American people telling us we were attacked on 9-11 because of our policies toward Israel.

    We give Israel billions and we help them commit a slow motion holocaust against Arabs. That is why they hate us.

    We invaded Iraq even tho it has done nothing to us. We have destroyed Iraq and broken it up and bombed its most holy cities. Why wouldn’t they hate us.

    Perhaps you should stop listening to Malkin and those of her ilk. 98% of the Americans are non Jewish and we have nothing vested in whether or not the Jews have their own state. the podunk terrorist engine of the world Israel is not worth what it costs the USA and the world.

    If Jews have a RIGHT to their own state then so do the Palestinians and so do the Aryans, so do the blacks, so does everyone else. That means we have a right to make the USA into an Aryan Christian country. How do you think the Jews would like that?

    We have a right to free speech in this country but we are not allowed to discuss Isarel because if we say anything the Jews will accuse us of being anti-semitic.

    We should question everything, we should question assumptions that we just take for granted because when things are repeated until they take on their own truth that is nothing but dogma.

    Question everything, challenge assumptions, debate evrything, that is what it means to be American. Jews have no right to silence all debate by accusing other citizens who have every right to free speech of being anti-semitic.

    Does our Consitution or our God suspend the rules of right and wrong depending upon who is doing the deed?

    If an Aryan state is evil then how can a Jewish state be right?

    If it was wrong what the Nazis did to Jews then how can it be right what Jews are doing to Palestinians?

    Does the Constutution support the ideology of ethnic states?

    The Arabs are not evil. They have a valid point. They have a right to fight against those who are committing evil against them.

    The Jews should not be able to get into our government and take our country into an illegal holocaust.

    When groups such as the Jews fail to assimilate and persue only their own interests at the expense of the general welfare, then the very definition of America can change when such minorities take over the government the way the Jewish neocons have.

    Today we are a rouge superpower which is run amuck and we are a feirce war mongering nation that everybody fears and doesn’t know who we are going to attack next.

    We have rounded up Isarel’s enemies and locked them away at Gitmo without due process and tortured them.

    We are international war criminals.

    The entire world hates us.

    This is what has happened to change America since the Jews took charge. They call others nazi, anti-semitic and Adolph Hitler but one thing they won’t call me is their fool. too bad you can’t say the same.

  2. The only way you can get away with this hymie bullshit propaganda is to lie and tell it to stupid people.

    After this moronic statement I stopped listening to you (although I did read the rest just to see how warped you might be). Do me a favor and please stop calling yourself a “Southern” voice.

    I am a Southern voice. I am an American voice. You are not the voice of the South or America. You are just another ignorant racist and an anti-semite who happens to live in Kentucky and has a whole lot of raging hatred in your heart and soul.

    Now please crawl back into your hole and let me take a shower. I feel dirty just talking to you.

  3. Thats right delete me from debating the issues. You can spread hatred of Arab people based upon LIES but you think you have a right to call me vile names for telling the TRUTH.

    You have embraced a DOGMA. Dogmas are never allowed to be debated because they could not stand in the light of truth and facts.

    I am willing to debate EVERY point that I have made and there is no doubt I could win.

    Censor me. Thats the only choice you have if you wish to cling to your anti-American dogma.

  4. No one is censoring you. You have a right to start your own blog and spout off this nonsense all you want. Assuming you have the guts to do it, which I doubt, because people like you are usually too damn cowardly to do it in public.

    Frankly, I am not interested in debating someone like you. You’re rhetoric is boring and predictable. It’s all “Jews bad and Jews run America therefore America bad. Pretty much sums it up I htink.

    This is my blog and I get to set the rules.

    But for the record, I haven’t slammed even ONE Arab person. I have, however, slammed radical Islam and its violent followers who, in case you didn’t know, consist of more than just Arabs. You do know the difference between Arabs and Persians, right? Or Arabs and Somalis or Nigerians or any number of other ethnic groups and nationalities that are Muslim?

    Do you know anything about this issue other than your hatred for the Jewish people?

    Anyway, I will continue to slam radical Islam as long as it is a threat to my country and my family and I don’t care what color the terrorist happens to be.

    Anti-American dogma – LOL

    You slay me . . . . seriously . . . you should go on the road with this show.

  5. Remember and honor the victims of the 1993 WTC bom

    Who remembers the first time the WTC was attacked in 1993? Michelle Malkin reminds us of that, as does AMNY.

  6. Wow!

    While reading through the blogs, before reading this one, I was thinking of a coworker who filters all of her information to support her pregone conclusion. Obviously, my coworker is a neophyte at filtering information to only support her own conclusion. Southervoice, you should open your mind. It is obviously closed to any opinions but your own. Personally, I hate the war against Iraq and Afganistan. My thought was, in 2001, find the root cause of the hatred, and stop that. Problem is, it was rooted in the church. The two holiest sites were Mecca and Modina, which are housed in a country long considered to be an ally. They are still an ally. To flip the problem, it would be as if the Pope and all the Bishops were rooting for violence against the U.S. What would I do? I’d nuke the Vatican. The anology to me is simple, if Hitler was the Pope, where would you bomb… where Hitler lives. When the church of islam allows for other views, and allows others to live their lives in freedom, and stops trying to kill all of us who do not agree with them, then, and only then, will I stop thinking that we should “cut out the bullshit and bomb Mecca and Modina”. Perhaps someday, the islamic people will toss out the radicals, and come to the simple conclusion of “I belive in God, you belive in God, we differ in our ways, but, we both consider ourselves to held accountable to a higher authority”. That is the only reason that the U.S. has not made a nuclear wasteland out of the mideast…. learn to be tollerant sister, before us Honkies lose our patient.

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