He Hates These Berets! Stay Away From The Berets!

Wow. Talk about discipline. The guy who got his beret shot-off that is. He doesn’t lose a beat despite no doubt losing a few hairs on his head. And those around him. They all barely move. Amazing.

Then again I’ve been around two accidental discharges in my career and when the round went off mostly I just sat there in shock and awe for a second, and then turned in the direction of the boom. One was a guy standing behind me and over a bit at a cleaning table. The sound of his .45 echoed throughout the room as we all turned to stare at him, grateful no one was hurt. The second one was at the outdoor range – also during cleaning – but the guy was off by himself while the rest of us were receiving baton training about 150 feet away. He was with another agency – firing with us as a guest – and once we were sure he hadn’t shot himself or anyone else, we all did our best to look in the other direction not wanting to be witnesses in what would no-doubt be an investigation by his agency.

He didn’t get invited back though.

I’ve been lucky otherwise. Although there were two foreign officers from Nigeria I shot with back in the late 1980s that gave me a scare. They didn’t have an accidental discharge. Because we didn’t let them. Them showing up at the range barefoot and trying to slide the rounds in backwards (both true I swear), was enough for our firearms instructors to pull them aside for some special attention.

Oh, the commenters at Say Uncle note that they are probably firing blanks. Could be – probably are, although their not reacting is incredible either way. And I have to say that I’m not fond of any formation where you’re pointing the weapon at the back of the head of the guy standing in front of you while locking and loading.

Just not prudent if you know what I mean.


Runs In The Family


Law enforcement that is. One of these is my nephew, new SWAT member and generally all-around good kid young man. We need more like him out there.

Sometimes I Am Very Embarrassed To Be In Law Enforcement

Not often, in fact very seldom. But yes occasionally. And Officer Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. is one reason why.

Quickly I Must Post And Go


1. Is the president showing us exactly how much government officials know about health care? Some folks seem to think so. He’s supposed to be so smart yet he says such stupid things. How can we expect other government officials to act any more smartly when deciding on our health care issues?

2. And contrary to the president’s claim, the Republicans do have a health care plan and have for some time now.

3. A lot of links here about the whole Gates affair that Barry should not have opined on at the end of his press conference. My take? Gates is a racist and a privileged asshole; the cop is not a racist and did the best he could in a bad situation; Barry is an idiot for saying anything past, “That’s a local matter that I don’t know enough about to comment on. None of us do. So let’s just sit back and wait for all the facts to come out.”


You can hear this cop thinking, “This guy’s not with me. No way.”

4. Obamacare is dead until the fall. Mostly because it just sucks so badly even the Democrats have noticed, but also because Barry’s charm is wearing off big time. And it didn’t help when he went off the farm with the whole racism stuff at the end of the press conference. That’s good, but we can’t give up because it can rise from the dead. So we have to keep the pressure on Congress and the Senate. Keep e-mailing them.

5. Brad Pitt seeks bailout. Isn’t he like rich or something? Can’t he bail himself out with petty cash?

Hat-tip to Three Donia for the cartoon.

The Three Things I Got From Obama’s Press Conference Last Night


1.  He either doesn’t have a clue what his Obamacare bill says or he is lying. I’m going with an ounce of the first and a ton of the second.

2.  He evidently hates doctors and must think they are only interested in scamming parents for money and not, you know, actually trying to help their kids get well.

3.  He evidently hates cops and appears to be no more post-racial than the average Black Panther or KKK member.

The whole thing was a big waste of time. For me. And for him. In fact, I am pretty sure this not only did not help his case but hurt it badly  Now the House and the Senate have to deal with pissed-off cops (and their powerful unions) calling in and doctors who were on the fence saying, “wtf jimmy?”

Is there any doubt this guy is a rank amateur?

Shep Smith Slams Barry And The Dems

Over AIG and all the rest.

Hat-tip to American Digest.

Oh and speaking of the Dems. We have millions of Americans out of work and Nancy Pelosi calls enforcement of our immigration laws “un-American?” I guess millions of illegal immigrants sneaking-in and taking jobs Americans need is okay with her.

Hey, all you unemployed and almost unemployed Obama voters, how’s that whole Hopey-Changey thing working out for you?

Another Career-Related Post



Forced on me by Theo Spark.

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