The Cup Size Choir

Yeah, it’s Christmas music but with gals like these it’s Christmas every day of the year.


You Know, Because A Banana Would Have Been Too Obvious

Yeah, I know, I just posted this photo, but this alternative title just popped into my head and I couldn’t waste it . . .

Again, hat-tip to My[confined]Space.

I’m Pretty Sure That’s The Dress She Wore In The Matrix

He thought, thereby confirming his nerd-dom . . .

Hat-tip to My[confined]Space.

That’s Monica Bellucci by the way.

And I, For One, Am Looking Forward To It

Good News – Some Things Are Getting Better . . . And Bigger

Important things.

Many women may have long suspected it, just as many men have secretly hoped for it. But it’s official: women’s breasts, and particularly those of younger women, are getting bigger. While implants have been putting that little extra va-va-voom into some busts, mostly it’s a phenomenon that has occurred naturally in women, and exponentially so over the past 50 years. In fact, their cup size has tripled.

In 1960, the average bra size in Australia was 10B. Ten years ago, it was 12B. Today, it’s 14C. “It’s six to seven sizes up in a comparatively few number of years,” says Sally Berkeley, the general manager of bra company Berlei, which next month launches a new super-sized range of cups, up to an H, to add to the traditional A-to-E dimensions. Rival Eveden now has a K cup, while Triumph is up to a G and is trialling a new cup size, J, for the next season.

There’s not much to say about this except it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (showing my age with that reference, but seriously it is.)

Thanks to Theo for the beautiful gal with the lovely eyes.

Special Bonus:

What may be the greatest collection of boob-centric animated gifs eva’.

Oh My

Yeah, she’s a blonde, but seriously, you expect me not to post this?

H/T to Theo.

The Ten Kinds Of Cleavage

Interesting, but really I don’t think of a side boob as cleavage. Or many of the rest for that matter.  Still, I’m all for bringing this subject to the forefront for serious discussion.

Brought to you by Salma Hayek.

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