He Hates These Berets! Stay Away From The Berets!

Wow. Talk about discipline. The guy who got his beret shot-off that is. He doesn’t lose a beat despite no doubt losing a few hairs on his head. And those around him. They all barely move. Amazing.

Then again I’ve been around two accidental discharges in my career and when the round went off mostly I just sat there in shock and awe for a second, and then turned in the direction of the boom. One was a guy standing behind me and over a bit at a cleaning table. The sound of his .45 echoed throughout the room as we all turned to stare at him, grateful no one was hurt. The second one was at the outdoor range – also during cleaning – but the guy was off by himself while the rest of us were receiving baton training about 150 feet away. He was with another agency – firing with us as a guest – and once we were sure he hadn’t shot himself or anyone else, we all did our best to look in the other direction not wanting to be witnesses in what would no-doubt be an investigation by his agency.

He didn’t get invited back though.

I’ve been lucky otherwise. Although there were two foreign officers from Nigeria I shot with back in the late 1980s that gave me a scare. They didn’t have an accidental discharge. Because we didn’t let them. Them showing up at the range barefoot and trying to slide the rounds in backwards (both true I swear), was enough for our firearms instructors to pull them aside for some special attention.

Oh, the commenters at Say Uncle note that they are probably firing blanks. Could be – probably are, although their not reacting is incredible either way. And I have to say that I’m not fond of any formation where you’re pointing the weapon at the back of the head of the guy standing in front of you while locking and loading.

Just not prudent if you know what I mean.


I Was Told To Post Something

By Vicki, because she was tired of the big-boobed woman at the top of my blog.  She’s right of course, I did need to move her down a bit (pun intended) and post about something more topical and relevant.

So here it is . . . a visual representation of how cool it is to have the right to own a gun and how cool it is that the Supreme Court affirmed that right.

Past that, I’ve just been very busy and very distracted with other things to post. I’m not sure anyone still reads me anyway, but to those who do . . . damn, get a life folks, I haven’t been here in over a month and you STILL have time to check this stupid blog out now and then? Don’t you have something better to do? Root canal? Listen to another one of Barry’s speeches? Clean tar balls off  your bikini-clad butts?

No, seriously, I will try to do better and I miss you guys and gals.

Mostly the gals, though.

H/T to Theo for the photo naturally. And I am pretty sure they are natural.

Car Dealer Kicks CNN Reporter’s Butt

This is priceless. Liberal reporters are just not used to their interviewees defying the stereotypes. In this case the stereotype of the ignorant Southern redneck she was no doubt expecting. Instead she got a articulate, smart Southern man who is more than capable of holding his own in a debate. At the end of it you can almost hear her sigh with relief.

It’s gonna leave a bruise let me tell ya.

This is the second such incident I’ve seen lately where reporters did not get the result they expected.  The first being this absolutely hilarious interview where another CNN reporter is visibly shocked to hear that everyone gets the same welcome that Obama got when visiting Africa, including our former President Bush.  Who, by the way, did more for Africa than any previous president.  They love him there.

Did you see his expression?  Again, priceless.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Bows And Arrows Kill People


Armed with bows and arrows, Massai warriors clash with members of the Kalenjin tribe in the Kapune hill on March 1, 2008.

Actually anyone with any sense knows people kill people, not guns nor bows and arrows*. Guns, knives, and bows and arrows are just tools which can be used for good or bad by the people wielding them. Control one type and the people who want to use that tool for bad will simply move on to another (or not follow the law and use it anyway). Fortunately, recent polls on gun control here in the USA show that more and more people understand that simple fact.

From The Daily Beast.

* I’m not sure why we say bows and arrows and not guns and bullets, but we do so whateva.

Oh, one more thing.  Massai warriors were much more impressive before they started wearing sweatpants and hoodies don’t you think?

Bild 105-DOA0556

Brunette Gun Babe


Hat-tip to Theo.

Girls And Guns

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And black bikinis. Can’t forget those.

H/T to Theo.

Cute Brunette


Seriously, don’t you just want to adopt her.  And then have her set up a security perimeter around your house.

H/T to Theo.

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