He Hates These Berets! Stay Away From The Berets!

Wow. Talk about discipline. The guy who got his beret shot-off that is. He doesn’t lose a beat despite no doubt losing a few hairs on his head. And those around him. They all barely move. Amazing.

Then again I’ve been around two accidental discharges in my career and when the round went off mostly I just sat there in shock and awe for a second, and then turned in the direction of the boom. One was a guy standing behind me and over a bit at a cleaning table. The sound of his .45 echoed throughout the room as we all turned to stare at him, grateful no one was hurt. The second one was at the outdoor range – also during cleaning – but the guy was off by himself while the rest of us were receiving baton training about 150 feet away. He was with another agency – firing with us as a guest – and once we were sure he hadn’t shot himself or anyone else, we all did our best to look in the other direction not wanting to be witnesses in what would no-doubt be an investigation by his agency.

He didn’t get invited back though.

I’ve been lucky otherwise. Although there were two foreign officers from Nigeria I shot with back in the late 1980s that gave me a scare. They didn’t have an accidental discharge. Because we didn’t let them. Them showing up at the range barefoot and trying to slide the rounds in backwards (both true I swear), was enough for our firearms instructors to pull them aside for some special attention.

Oh, the commenters at Say Uncle note that they are probably firing blanks. Could be – probably are, although their not reacting is incredible either way. And I have to say that I’m not fond of any formation where you’re pointing the weapon at the back of the head of the guy standing in front of you while locking and loading.

Just not prudent if you know what I mean.

Who Likes Short Shorts? I Like Short Shorts

1. As I have said repeatedly, man made global warming does not exist (at least compared to the normal warming process of the Earth due to sunspot activity among other things). Well, it seems Global WarmingGate proves this. Or at least proves that the some of the most important scientists pushing it were lying about it. Fortunately we found out in time to stop Cap and Trade, but not in time to stop Al Gore from making millions off of it.

2. “Nobody smart in American politics messes with the Scouts. Boy or Girl Scouts.” So very true.

2. Double your pleasure, double your Sarah Palin fun. Ill take one, or two, please.

4. No more breast exams for Mama. A song by Jim Treacher.

5. Eighty-one percent think their personal health care is good or excellent. And yet the Dems will not stop trying to ruin it. WTF Jimmy?!

6. She may be easy, but she ain’t cheap. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is bought-off with $300 million to vote for the Dems health care debacle. Eh, well, she IS from Louisiana so why be surprised.

7. Found a new blog. I like it.

8. A little late but here’s another reason to like Fridays.

9. White people continue the long-standing tradition of ignoring the wishes of American Indians. In this case it is leftist politically correct elitists, but the arrogance is the same.

10. Men treat their friends better than women do. I’ve seen this again and again over the years. Women are very unfriendly friends to each other.

11. Ali Barbie. Why not just put one of your old Barbies in one of them zip-up beer holders?

12. These look like they could be painful if you aren’t careful. Via Mostly Safe for Work.

Photo via Theo.

Flash Forward

As an aside, watch the creepy guy in the back smile as Barry’s name is announced.  He looks like the kind of old man you wouldn’t want your kids to be around, don’t you think?

Six Years In Germany


Left me with some nice Oktoberfest memories.

Don’t Try To Figure It Out

Just enjoy the Japanese commercial weirdness.

Hat-tip to AdFreak.

Forget The Tits

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that attracts me to a woman is her access to a good place to potty.

Courtship can be an intricate business in India, but the mothers of the northern state of Haryana have a simple message for men who call on their daughters: “No toilet, no bride.”

The slogan – often lengthened in Hindi to “If you don’t have a proper lavatory in your house, don’t even think about marrying my daughter” – has been plastered across villages in the region as part of a drive to boost the number of pukka facilities. In a country where more households have TV sets than lavatories, it is one of the most successful efforts to combat the chronic shortage of proper plumbing.

That is probably partly because of the country’s skewed sex ratio, with 8 per cent more men than women, leading to a “bride shortage”. Woman generally have also become more vocal in their resentment at having to relieve themselves outside, giving brides more leverage in premarital bargaining.

In India it is estimated that more than 660 million people still defaecate in the open – a big cause of a host of diseases, from diarrhoea to polio. It is women, activists say, who suffer the most. “Women who must go outside have to do so before sunrise or after nightfall so they can’t be seen,” said Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh, which has built toilets for ten million Indians, and the recipient of this year’s Stockholm Water Prize for developing ecofriendly and cheap lavatories to help to improve public health.

Look, I like India. And I like Indians. Especially Bollywood-type hot Indian women. But, come on, this is what you look in a wife? What kind of bathroom she has?

No wonder India is a third-world country. Sheesh.

India is a virtual cornucopia of brunette-hotness and if the men there are worried about potties then they don’t deserve these babes.

These folks need to get their priorities straight.



Or this.


It’s not a hard decision.

Australians Always Have The Best Parties

What Is This?


Head on over to Mostly Safe For Work to find out.

I Went Shopping Today, Honey, What Do You Think?

Plus this.

1. Colin Powell to endorse Barack Obama. Big fricken surprise. A black man supports Barry. Alert the media. Oh wait, this is allegedly good for Barry so the media will be all over it. What they will downplay, however, is Powell’s involvement in the push for the invasion of Iraq. That they won’t talk about much since Barry was all against that whole war in Iraq thing from the very beginning. Oh and by the way, Colin, you are pronouncing your damn name wrong. You aren’t a punctuation mark.

2. French kissing world record. Only 100? Please, there’s more kissing going on at the average junior high dance.

3. Obama progressives. Eh, they mean Obama liberals. Progressive is just a name they use because they are ashamed of being liberals.

4. Obama supporters suffering buyer’s remorse? There’s a lot of that out there. A hell of a lot. Whether it translates into Barry losing in November is still to be seen, but I am hopeful.

5. Tropic Thunder reviewed. I’m going to see it.

6. Female Versus Male geography. The punchline isn’t much to an American but the descriptions are great.

7. There’s a new movie coming out next month called An American Carol. The comedy is a skewering of anti-American Michael Moore-type filmmakers in A Christmas Carol-type setting and stars the amazing Jon Voight among other great actors. It’s going to be showing on 2000 theaters nationwide so you will have a chance to go see it. Here’s a trailer which was shown on Bill O’Reilly last night. Give it a look-see no matter what you think about O’Reilly (I don’t like him, myself). It’s worth it. (Hat-tip to Dirty Harry.)

8. The 21 Best Horror Movies of the Past 20 Years. Well, if this is true, horror movies have really gone downhill over the past 20 years. Seriously, most of these movies suck. The only three that I liked were Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and Army of Darkness. Shaun of the Dead is a classic, but more dark-comedy than true horror. As is Army of Darkness, which is again a comedy in a horror package. Only 28 Days Later is a serious “scare” move, but since it is a typical zombie flick I don’t really think of it as horror since you know what is going to happen from scene one to the end. True horror flicks, in my mind anyway, have you sitting on the edge of your seat (or cowering in it) until the end because you don’t know what is going to happen. Zombie flicks are about as predictable as Barry Obama throwing someone under the bus when they are no long usefull. Anyway, the rest of these flicks are either bad or I never even heard of which makes you wonder why anyone would list them as the best of anything.

9. No more Playboy Mansion parties? I am in total mourning. Not that I ever expected to be invited, but simply because I have a long Playboy history. First of all, when I was about 14 a friend of mine was house-sitting for a neighbor and every day he had to go over and feed and water their dog. Me and a bunch of other guys went with him one day and, like boys will do, explored the house while he was busy until we found what was the treasure of our lifetimes – a complete collection of Playboy Magazines going back, well a long, long time. To say we were thrilled would be the understatement of the century. To say we hung-out at that house for the rest of the summer would be so obvious it’s not worth saying. If those people only knew what went on in their bathrooms. My second Playboy story is that I knew not one, but two women who appeared in Playboy Magazine. One was a college-age gal I knew who appeared in one of those Playboy “Girls of the SEC” pictorials and the other was a lady I worked with in a temporary job who had at one time been a Bunny at one of the Playboy Clubs. I was about 22 or 23 or so and she was old. Seriously, she was old. Like in her late 30s or early 40s. But still very hot, trust me. Nothing happened, but I do like to pretend something did now and then when I am at a bar with guys who don’t know me well and therefore can’t tell when I am bullshitting them. My final Playboy story is that an old girlfriend, pre-loving wife of course, actually gave me a year’s subscription to Playboy Magazine as a Valentine’s Day present once. Talk about a secure gal and a great present.


10.  Brunettes are tough. And the Russian Army guy who shot at her is a big pussy.

The Language of Love

Well, if not the language of “love,” certainly the language of “I’d hit that.”

Via Frogsmoke.

Get Your Red Hots Here

1. Michelle Unbound. Best line, “I’m constantly reminded that I will never be smart enough to be a Democrat.” I know the feeling.

2. The Ten Most Hated People on the Internet. I don’t know many of them, and it’s a shame that one is a military member (although he deserves the scorn), but I wish Rachael Ray were higher than number 10. She makes brunettes look bad. And no wonder her voice is so raspy – she is a chain-smoker.

3. The French do love their fries. Eco-friendly since you could bring it with you when you go to McDonalds.

4. General Petraeus kicked Democrat butt yesterday. Well, that’s my interpretation anyway. What he did was answer every question they had with facts and reason and watched them make fools of themselves giving speeches about surrender. If you’re interested The Global Times has lots of video. Just scroll down to see them.

5. And they say guys have weird shower habits.

6. Computer programming languages and their celebrity equivalents. I guess computer nerds will get this. I got some of it, which means I am only half-computer nerd. (Via Southern Appeal)

7. Navy Seal is awarded the Medal of Honor. I posted about this before, but it is worth repeating.

8. Yep, this is about as interesting as a cat gets, alright.

9. Neil gets a haircut. I cut my own. An old military habit. Saves me a lot of money, too.

10. Babies. Or little pink aliens. I am not sure which. Cute either way.

Those Crazy, Fun-loving Japanese

You can’t make this kind of “not safe for work” stuff up, folks. More not safe for work photos here

Oh yes, I know that is a big pink penis statue up above and I apologize if it offends you, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of another picture to use. Just pretend it is a big pink mushroom if it makes you feel better.

Hat-tip to Ace.

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