Barry Are You Listening?

One and a half to two million is the reported number of Tea Party protesters in Washington, D.C. today. Although that may be the liberal press trying to raise expectations only to have them dashed later today. Regardless, it was a hell of a lot of patriotic dissenters and I sure hope Barry and Nancy and Harry and all those Blue Dogs are paying attention.

Here’s a good description with some just as great photos.


10,000 Votes Wins or Loses An Election


Actually a few hundred votes (or less) wins or loses an election so Democrats and weak-assed Republicans really should pay attention when 10,000 people show up for some tea.

Breaking news from New Lenox/Joliet… the sheriff’s office is reporting to us that the crowd estimate for the rally here is 10,000+ and they are shutting down a portion of Interstate 80 for traffic control do to the massive influx of people.

The people are speaking and they aren’t bussed-in astroturfed union members, ANSWER and MoveOn commies or bored teens working for $15 a hour holding professionally printed signs.

They’re the real thing. Angry as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Barry can you hear them? Blind, deaf, and dumb is not the way to run a country, but it’s a sure way to see a change in leadership over the next three years starting with the mid-term elections in 2010.

Can you hear them now?

Federal Workers To Get 2% Raise


Down from 2.4%. Oh, the horror.

Citing the current economic recession — and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks eight years ago — President Obama says he will use emergency powers to cut the programmed across-the-board January increase in federal employees’ pay from 2.4 percent to 2.0 percent, according to a letter he sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday.

The move was not a surprise, as Obama telegraphed a 2 percent increase in the budget he proposed earlier this year. But it’s certainly not welcome news for federal employees, whose unions protested when Obama’s budget was released.

Let me go on record as saying I am totally against this travesty.

Federal workers shouldn’t be getting a raise at all. With the economy doing as badly as it is, it’s just not smart. The President should be freezing spending not increasing it and that includes federal salaries. I don’t want a raise now if it means that I am going to have to pay higher taxes just to get it. Peter paying Paul. Not to mention that my grand-children will end up paying for it, too.

That said, I am not apologizing for my being a federal employee. I am proud of my service to my country, both in the military and now as a civilian employee. I work hard and smart and earn my pay. So I don’t feel the need to apologize to any private sector worker for my job security. I made a choice a long time ago to pursue government service, mostly because my particular career is one that is only found in the government but also because I knew it would be more secure than a private sector job. When I started I was making quite a bit less than my private sector buddies, but I didn’t complain, so now that I am making a decent wage I really don’t want to hear them pissing and moaning about how tough it is out there.  I got a family to house and feed and I am doing the best I can to do it.

But again, federal employees should not be getting a raise at all and it’s just another example of how tone-deaf those in charge are right now.

BTW, can I just add that should Obamacare pass federal employees will get screwed just like the rest of you.   The federal health care system is no different from any employer-based system.  The government pays part of our cost and we pay part of it and we use a private-sector health care insurance provider just like you do.  In my case it is Blue Cross-Blue Shield.  So when Congress looks like it is going to exempt itself from any public-option plan that does not mean all federal employees will be exempt.

Oh yeah, and as to the great federal retirement I am getting.  Well, much of my retirement is in the federal version of a 401K plan and I took a big hit just like everyone else.   I’m not complaining, just letting you know I don’t have any special immunity from the crap going on right now.

Democrat Carol Shea-Porter Has Constituent Removed

For, you know, having the nerve to disagree with her. Here’s the story. Shameful.

Sadly this appears to be the overall attitude of Democrats in power today. They don’t really care what the people think unless those people agree with them. But that just means the people who don’t agree with them have to speak louder.

Truth to power, folks, truth to power.

Hope Broken


1. Newest Obama bumper-sticker. I’m tempted to buy one except that I like the paint job on my cars.

2. “I know, most of you have already figured out why I oppose national health care. In a nutshell, I hate the poor and want them to die so that all my rich friends can use their bodies as mulch for their diamond ranches. But y’all keep asking, so here goes the longer explanation.” We use pea gravel as ground cover for our bushes, but if poor-people mulch is cheaper I surely would consider it.

3. Fourty-six percent of Americans more likely to buy a Ford because they didn’t take a government bailout. And they made a profit last quarter, too. We’ve always bought Fords, mostly . . . well, okay, only . . . because my father-in-law worked for a Ford dealer and we got a great deal every time. But now he’s retired and we switched to Honda. Still, if and when I buy American again it will be a Ford. Chrysler and GM can eat my shorts.

4. Congress to tax plastic surgery? Damn, and I so wanted that penis enlargement reduction.

5. Oh goodie, they are going to raise the minimum wage. That combined with our shitty economy will virtually insure your teenagers will be unable to find a job and therefore stealing money from your wallet every weekend.

6. Angry white men. Well, man. But he speaks for millions and not all of them are white. Or men.

7. The R Word. “R” as in Racist, that is. I’ve given this a lot of thought recently and at some point I am going to write about it in length.  Until then, link on over and give it some thought yourself.

Obama To Hold Job Performance Review With Every American Worker | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch it to the end for the best line.



1. Democrats are warning health care lobbyists NOT to meet with Republicans. As Gabriel says at Ace of Spades, “Apparently, even talking to Republicans cannot be tolerated in Obama’s America.”

2. The National Organization for Women puts Letterman in his place for making a joke about raping a 14 year old girl. Good to hear. Now if only they would only tell all liberals to lay off the sexist crap when talking about women, especially Sarah Palin who, I hope anyway, will be running in 2012. Of course, that won’t happen because if they did that their arsenal would be pretty empty.

3. Democrats not so hot on Cap and Trade? Good, now if they will only stop this socialized health care we might have a chance at saving our nation.

4. Everyday normal Republicans. A video that for some reason won’t post on my blog. Click on over and watch it – it’s funny and so very true.

5. Let the Boomers die. The solution to the health care cost issue.

6. Why Letterman say what he says about the Palins. Man, that’s gonna leave a mark. As an aside, the reference is to this movie, which is great.

7. John Wayne is the United States of America. I missed this yesterday on the 30th anniversary of his death, but better late than never. He was the greatest and they don’t even make them close to him anymore, much less like him.

8. Obama moves terrorists from Gitmo to Bermuda. I wonder if they will add that wonderful attraction to the cruise brochures?

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