Oh My! Is That You Hermione?

Emma Watson all growed up. And looking kind of brunettish here.


You Know, Because A Banana Would Have Been Too Obvious

Yeah, I know, I just posted this photo, but this alternative title just popped into my head and I couldn’t waste it . . .

Again, hat-tip to My[confined]Space.

My Oscar Review

I watched some of the Oscars last night – the first time in four years – and I enjoyed seeing James Cameron get his ass kicked (which is why I watched in the first place). While The Hurt Locker is insulting to the military in many ways, Avatar was much worse in that regard so I can’t complain. Of course,  Up should have won Best Picture, but what cha’ gonna do.

Speaking of Avatar versus The Hurt Locker, it was fun to see Hollywood reward a small well-made film instead of a CGI-carried horror while also proving that Cameron is not only disliked by the public but by his peers as well.

It was nice to see Sandra Bullock win Best Actress for her role as a conservative Christian performing an incredibly kind act without the government’s help or suggestion – a minor miracle there – but most of her speech was bad acting, which is something a Best Actress winner shouldn’t be caught doing.  She really loves her man though, at least as much as I hate him because he gets to bang that all the time.

Steve Martin sucked, but Alec Baldwin wasn’t half-bad (he left his bad part on the phone with his poor daughter I suppose). Why they felt the need to drag Barbara Streisand out of her coffin I can’t imagine, except that she made all the other women look even prettier.

I’m also glad Jeff Bridges won. Haven’t seen Crazy Heart, but he’s The Dude and therefore deserving of all things good. Plus he played one of the best presidents in film, whose use of presidential food in intimidating other politicians is priceless, and I’ve wanted to taste a shark sandwich every since I saw this scene.

Let me see. What else?

Oh yes, the overall production sucked, but that was to be expected based on what I’ve read every year. (Again, I haven’t watched in a long time.)

I really hated the long speeches by the “friends”/co-workers of the Best Actress and Best Actor nominees.  They were way, Way, WAY over the top as is usual, and it’s no wonder these people think they can pontificate on every known subject in the universe – they are definitely legends in their own minds. That ginger actress with the bad teeth and tiny boobs whose name I can never remember knew Colin Firth for three fricken days and she came to the conclusion that he was evidently a better person than Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa all rolled in one?  Give me a break.  And Oprah telling the obviously talented young woman, Gabourey Sidibe, who was nominated for her role in Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire that she has a great career in front of her?  Please, on what planet is she going to get roles in the “looks are everything” film industry.  Not planet Hollywood that is for sure.

Well, that’s it. Nothing particularly novel in my observations here, but I needed a post and this was it.

Move Over David Hasselhoff, Here Comes Dolph Lundgren

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Not Sexing It Up In Mississippi

Tiger Woods undergoing sex rehab in Mississippi?

Tiger Woods was been spotted for the first time since the November 2009 car crash that led to revelations of his serial infidelity.

A bearded, hooded Woods was photographed at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services’ facility called Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

According to The National Enquirer, Woods is undergoing a six-week intensive treatment under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Carnes, an expert on sex addiction.

Woods reportedly entered the facility in late December as part of a bid to save his fiive-year marriage to former bikini model Elin Nordegren. According to the Enquirer, Nordegren demanded Woods enter treatment, or she would divorce him.

The embattled golfer lost several sponsorship deals, including lucrative deals with Gatorade and Accenture, after he was romantically linked to as many as 14 different women, including pancake waitresses, porn stars and club hostesses.

Two thoughts here. Why is a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi of all places? I’m from Mississippi and, with the exception of the sororities at Ole Miss, I can’t say that there are that many reasons to be a sex addict there. Don’t get me wrong, Mississippi has some lovely women, it just seems to me that a clinic like that would be in LA or NYC with all the temptation of hot, silicone-enhanced babes. Then again, maybe it’s located near the Mississippi University for Women which is enough to deter even the worst male sex addict.

Secondly, isn’t marriage pretty much a sex rehab already? Don’t married men usually stray because they aren’t getting any at home (in-house rehab)? Tiger’s wife is a babe and yet he cheated and cheated and cheated. And since men are 99% sex drive and 1% emotional attachment, that pretty much tells me that either the quantity or quality of sex was lacking at home. Perhaps if she were more willing to meet his physical needs this would not have happened.  The inverse of his meeting her emotional needs you see.

Or not. Maybe he’s just a horn-dog and no matter what she did or didn’t do he would have been making holes in one everywhere but at home.

I really don’t see this working either way. If she takes him back he’s likely to do it again. It’s not like this was a one time deal where he got caught up in the physical and emotional (yes, there could be some of that in a one-time deal) moment. The guy was obviously playing multiple greens brunettes, blondes, and redheads for heaven’s sake.  And if she dumps him, well, he might as well enjoy himself being single and a multi-millionaire.

Oh well, none of my business really. I don’t golf. I don’t buy Nike (or any other) products because of Tiger. And I certainly don’t care if he is a sex addict or not. (Especially since I think the whole sex addict thing is just another excuse for bad behavior.)

I just thought it was interesting that the clinic was in my home state of Mississippi.  Who woulda’ thought?


I love art.

H/T to My[confined]Space.

Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen

Look, I don’t golf. And as a result I don’t worship golfers. Even the bestest golfer ever, Tiger Woods. (Although I have a nostalgic soft spot for Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Chi Chi Rodriguez, and Lee Trevino).

Then again I certainly don’t wish him any ill will either. But jeeze, Tiger was supposed to be THE role model for young athletes everywhere, wasn’t he? Sort of the anti-NBA, NFL, Etc. type of athlete who was serious about his game and his personal life as well.

I thought so. Fans thought so. And certainly his sponsors thought so.

Well, oopsie, we were all wrong.

And while I and others thought this extra-marital fling deal might pass him by, a single misstep in an otherwise role model life, well, boy was that not the case. Because when you have a porn star bragging about bonking you on YouTube I’m pretty sure your days of role modeling are over. And maybe also your endorsements.  (Yeah, Gatorade, it was just a coincidence, right.)

Still it could be worse. A porn star said you were both a gentleman and good in bed. That’s quite an endorsement in most guys’ books. Many women hearing this, once they got past the whole icky “you banged a porn star” thing, would think you were a real catch.

Then again, a porn star is probably not the best judge of gentlemanly behavior considering the guys she normally hangs with. She probably thinks any guy who cleans his junk first is a gentleman of the first degree.

Like everything today, it’s all relative I guess.

Anyway, I do hope Tiger can overcome this setback. He is a great golfer and even a non-golfer like me can enjoy seeing him play.

On the golf course that is.

And as to his lost Gatorade endorsement? Well, maybe Trojan could step up to the tee and fill that gap (pun intended).

Oh, and to be fair, she seems to be describing something that happened prior to his marriage (his bachelor party?) so maybe it has nothing to do with his current problems. Except for the sex. And his attraction to wild women. And to banging chicks while he is serious with his future wife.

Just all that.

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