The Cup Size Choir

Yeah, it’s Christmas music but with gals like these it’s Christmas every day of the year.


All I Know Is This Is One Long Woman

Hat-tip to My[confined]Space.

Oh My

Yeah, she’s a blonde, but seriously, you expect me not to post this?

H/T to Theo.

Clearing My Mind

And trying not to think about our new Democrat Overlords. Who I don’t welcome and will, in fact, fight to the death.

Hat-tip to My[confined]Space.

Old Stuff I Meant To Post But Forgot (Plus Balloons, Cause Everybody Like Balloons)

1. John Murtha is dead. Good. I thank him for his service as a Marine during the first half of his life but I curse him for his corruption in Congress and his despicable attacks on his fellow-Marines these past few years. Let’s hope his seat goes to a better person, which really shouldn’t be that hard.

2. Five Superbowl commercials that emasculate men. Eh, what else is new. TV shows and commercials have been doing this for years. I’m not sure who they are selling these products to. I don’t think it is men. When I saw them I kind of zoned-out a bit so they didn’t sell anything to me. Maybe the women like them, although loving wife was kind of annoyed that Dove was selling stuff for men. She considered that a sacred woman’s brand.

3. Would any woman alive actually want one of these Vermont Teddy Bears for Valentine’s Day? I think not. Oh I’m sure they sell more than a few to gullible guys who find their strip-music commercials provocative instead of annoying like I do, but I doubt any woman really thinks, “Hey, that’s what I want, a Vermont Teddy Bear.”

4. Miss me yet? More than you know, Mr. President, more than you know.

5. What about that Superbowl? Congrats to the Saints, but I lost a bet backing Manning.

6. Speaking of the Superbowl and Superbowl commercials. Is it just me or do you think Tim Tebow’s mother is kind of a babe?

7. Personal observation: If I were single and about to propose to my girlfriend I would NEVER GO TO JARED.

8. Barack Obama channels Spinal Tap. The guy is an egotistical idiot.

H/T to Theo for the balloons.

Guess The Theme

You get a prize if you do. It won’t be much. Maybe not anything at all. But give it a shot anyway. I’ll post the answer this weekend.

Photos thanks to Theo, of course.


Well, the theme was the old Sesame Street standard,”One of these things is not like the other,” in that there was one blonde to three brunettes. But I kind of like the 2010 idea myself.

How To Change Your Oil

Hat-tip to Mostly Safe for Work.

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