Sexy Advertisements On Kindle – Let’s Hope So

The Kindle is now less expensive. By $25 to be exact. IF you are willing to allow advertisements to be downloaded as screensavers.

Now, I’m up for that. Especially if Hooters is advertising. Oh, and Victoria’s Secret. And any vacation resort that uses gals in bikinis in their ads. Thing is I already have one, so I’m thinking they should offer discounts on e books if you allow the ads to download to your Kindle. Sort of like the Vampire Girl Kindle skin up above but being able to change it out all the time.

BTW, I’m very much into the Kindle these days. I got one for my birthday last August and have become the voracious reader I once was years ago. So much so that loving wife has limited me to one book at week. It’s agony I tell ya.


  1. Both of us are very much into our Kindles, as well. I typically read two to four books a week…not that any of them is like War and Peace. I’m still reviewing books, as well, and especially appreciate being able to get those books in Kindle format.

    By the way, you do know about Project Gutenberg, don’t you? Thousands upon thousands of books, utterly free; they’re all out of copyright, so you’ve got the classics, P.G. Wodehouse–just all kinds of books! And you can get them in Kindle format (although they don’t download the way books do from Amazon).

    But being the ever knowledgeable and resourceful fellow that you are, you no doubt knew all of that, already.

    So…who’s your pick in the Presidential campaign?

  2. Btw, we recently bought the Kindle Touch for our two youngest grandkids–and each of their parents. We had our choice of ads or no ads, and after asking relevant questions, we selected the cheaper of the two, with ads. Apparently, the ads don’t appear, unless you’re searching books, as opposed to actively reading; and I believe Bruce learned that the ads appearing when you’re searching are recommendations based on what you’ve already downloaded. So…unless you’ve downloaded sexy books with sexy covers, you’re probably not going to get sexy ads.

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