Going Galt?

I just heard (via local TV news) that Strattons, a wonderful 1950’s-style diner located in Ashland City, Tennessee is selling-out to Walgreeens. Now I can’t blame Walgreens for buying it – it’s a great location – nor can I really blame the owners for selling, since the news is they got a great deal.

Nope, I don’t really blame anyone. Except, I wonder . . . did the growing unfriendly attitude towards business by the current administration (Obamacare, higher taxes, more regulation, destroying the economy with “stimulus”, etc.) have something to do with their decision?

Only the owners know for sure, but I do know that if I owned a small business, I certainly would give those factors some heavy thought in making my decision to sell.  A decision they’ve evidently faced several times over the years, as this is not their first offer for what is, as I said, a prime business location.

Well, a lot of folks voted for hope and change in this past election.  Many of them living in this area, it being heavily Democrat.  And no doubt many of them Stratton’s customers.  I wonder if this is the change they hoped for?

On a personal note, I’m seriously thinking of opening my own small business in a few years.  I wonder how things will be then?



  1. Hey, I started a small commercial printing business in 1991, been through 3 or 4 ‘recessions’, but Obamanomics has been very difficult to muster through. I’m burning cash faster than corn through a goose. This guys policies are the 5th term of FDR. Talk about taxing retained earnings ow.. WOW … I hope to survive by tenacity and saved cash but what about the folks that are blind to the poliicies?

  2. We started our “mom ‘n’ pop” business in 2000, and it took off like a rocket. That rocket kept climbing, right through 2007, and then it began its descent. Down 45% in gross receipts in ’08, plummeted us right back into the 15% bracket by the end of ’09, and it’s still falling. We’re holding on because we were so richly blessed, during the boom years, that we got completely out of debt; still, we’ve made a number of commitments that we cannot in conscience back out on. We’re still cutting wherever we can, and we’re determined not to go back into debt.

    I really don’t put my hope in any human being, entity or organization, and certainly not in any politician or political body, at any level. And yet, I’m thinking that, if conservatives don’t regain the majority in both houses in November–and have the guts to use their power, instead of wasting as they did through the GWB years–we will not likely recover, at all.

    What that says about your starting your own small business, in a few years, I don’t know. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

  3. I constantly wish we were living in the liberal paradise you seem to think we are.

    • What’s scary is that you actually believe such a place would be a paradise.

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