Half-Written Drunken Post From Last Night

“Bang Records” – he he, that’s funny.


I’ve got to put up another post to get the gal’s butt of the top of my blog. I enjoy it. Lots of guys I know enjoy it. Even a couple of gals I know enjoy it. But some of you don’t, so damn it to hell cause I am a nice guy I have to move it down a bit.

But what to put up here?

Besides Neil up above that is.

And below here.

Cause I am a big Neil fan.

In a non-ghey way, you understand,

Took loving wife to see him last year and had a great time.

A even better time after since she threw her bra at him and I didn’t have to waste time removing it later on.

And not to brag or anything but the D-cups almost gave him a concussion.

But I digress.

What to post about was the issue.

Of course posting about my wife’s D-cups might just get me booted out of the house and then I would be a . . .

At least for a bit.

I got nothing.

Seriously, there was like a 40 minute break between “At least for a bit” and “I got nothing” while I listened to music on YouTube, Facebooked, watched We Were Soldiers, and drank three beers.

Let me think.

Nope, got nothing.  Certainly nothing as interesting as those guys/gals over at Three Donia who really do annoy me with all their expertise in every fricken subject in the world. Who knows all that shit, I ask you? Seriously, half the time I have to Google what they are talking about just to comment.

Of course if I were Theo, I would have this whole bevy of beautiful women, many of who seem to fall asleep in very sexy proses right about the time the sun is setting on Great Britain every day. How the hell do they manage to schedule that?

Added This Morning:

This seemed funny last night. As did much of what I posted on Facebook. Thank God for the “Remove” button there is all I have to say. And I’m sure I was heading somewhere here. Somewhere quite interesting and profound. But for the life of me I can’t think of where it was.

Or maybe, on reading this post a few times this morning, I was going to go on some virtual tour of the blogs I read, commenting on each in a very funny way.

Whew. Thank God I lost interest or I might have offended who knows how many bloggers.

Anyway, it served it’s purpose . . . no more woman’s butt on the top of the blog.  Now you have to scroll down about to see it.

But it’s worth the work, trust me.


1 Comment

  1. Personally I don’t see a thing wrong with that woman’s butt, but hey, who am I to criticize if you want to move her down a post or two? I understand. Some employers block my blog due to its objectionable name. And who wants to be blocked, eh? Not me. Not you either. Still, it’s a lovely butt.

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