Happy Birthday

To the greatest nation on Earth and possibly the last shining example of true freedom and opportunity in our world. And a special thanks to the men and women who  keep her safe and strong.

That said, she’s stumbling now. And not due to enemies foreign, but domestic. Which makes it even more important that the rest of us – the fat and happy civilians who sit at home today eating hamburgers, drinking beer, and enjoying fireworks – do our part in defending her as well. Not by revolution as some hint and allude, but by exercising our right to free speech and our right to vote*.

And not to get too corny (can anyone really get too corny on Independence Day?), but November is a beachhead we must take and hold, for our failure to do so could spell disaster for our nation, our way of life, and the hopes and dreams of people across the world – many ungrateful this is true – but who still depend on us for so very much.

So enjoy this day. Celebrate. But tomorrow remember that there is work to be done. Battles to be fought. And our freedom to be won once again.

Pray we are successful.

* I’ve thought about this. Is voting a right? Or a privilege?  Both?  Certainly it’s our responsibility as citizens.  Regardless, however you view it, we must exercise it this November or we risk all.



  1. I’m telling you I’ll be first in line! It took me well into my adulthood to realize what we can possibly lose through apathy and not looking to the future. We cannot afford to take our liberty for granted anymore and I for one, will not.
    Happy 4th!

  2. Nor I; they on too steep a slippery slope, as it is. If we don’t get some big gains–enough conservative wins to retake the two Chambers, or we’re really sunk.

    I just hope the Black Panthers of any stripe or generation don’t decide to do in more places what they did the last time, now that they know they will not be prosecuted. What a travesty!

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