I Was Told To Post Something

By Vicki, because she was tired of the big-boobed woman at the top of my blog.  She’s right of course, I did need to move her down a bit (pun intended) and post about something more topical and relevant.

So here it is . . . a visual representation of how cool it is to have the right to own a gun and how cool it is that the Supreme Court affirmed that right.

Past that, I’ve just been very busy and very distracted with other things to post. I’m not sure anyone still reads me anyway, but to those who do . . . damn, get a life folks, I haven’t been here in over a month and you STILL have time to check this stupid blog out now and then? Don’t you have something better to do? Root canal? Listen to another one of Barry’s speeches? Clean tar balls off  your bikini-clad butts?

No, seriously, I will try to do better and I miss you guys and gals.

Mostly the gals, though.

H/T to Theo for the photo naturally. And I am pretty sure they are natural.



  1. Nice gun. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, wow, I hadn’t noticed . . . . 🙂

  2. That’s why a blog reader is so wonderful! I don’t have to click around and check on people, and if they do decide to poke their heads out – the post comes to me!

    But yeah, big-boobed women and only big boobed women does get kind of tiresome. At least the gal up top this time has some principles she’s standing for.

  3. And at least the gal up top, right now, doesn’t look variously cinched in tight and ballooned up; this one looks like a well-endowed girl next door, not like a vamp. But, hey, it ain’t my blog! 🙂

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