Fricken Awesome

That’s what this photo is.

Course, I am kind of drunk, so I might be exaggerating its awesomeness a bit. But, no, I think not. It’s awesome. Or I am a latex leather junkie. In which case it would only be awesome to me and other latex leather junkies. Or is this even latex leather? What IS latex leather?  Does it even exist? I don’t really know. Cause I am kind of drunk . . .



  1. You ARE drunk. Not that you discriminate too badly but she’s a red-head!

  2. Fricken. Awesome. And here it is tequila.

  3. You may have been drunk when you posted this, but the photo and the gorgeous babe were awesome.

  4. Hey bad boy. Sure do miss you over here…

  5. she’s a Russkie spy!!

  6. Latex leather or not, that is friggin’ hot!

  7. No, you are not exaggerating its awesomeness. It is really, truly awesome

  8. i am love

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