The New Pro-Choice Bart Stupak

Just gave us Obamcare by selling his pro-life credentials to the devil for nothing more than a bullshit promise from Obama in the form of an executive order that is worthless in the face of, you know, an actual law. Here’s hoping the voters in his district boot his ass out so he can take a lobbying job with Planned Parenthood or something.

Stole the post from Ace, hope he doesn’t mind.


Stupak paid off? Who knows, but what a coincidence.

Also, was he called a baby killer? Hey, if the shoe fits.



  1. Sad. Been watching this all weekend. Never seen a bigger band of idiots in my life.

  2. Prolife Democrat? Gives a whole new meaning to the term oxymoran. It’s a myth.

  3. I think he was looking for an excuse to vote with his party. Could he really have believed that the “fix-everything” bill would include acceptable language regarding abortion? And could he really not have known that an executive order has no power over legislation and can be rescinded, anytime? He is a duly elected legislator, isn’t he?

  4. Oh ho!! So Stupak did accept a bribe, then! Who’d a thunk it?

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