G*d Damn These Bastards If They Pass Obamacare

To hell. Seriously, I wish them places on the lowest level.  For ignoring the wishes of the vast majority of Americans. For destroying the Constitution. For bringing down the greatest nation on the face of the planet.

That includes you, Jim Cooper, my representative and slimy socialist bastard, if you vote for this bill.



  1. A-frikkin’-men, my brother

  2. That’s kind of how I feel too. And it’s making me freaking crazy today. It’s like some people are oblivious about this – and believe it’s only about healthcare.

  3. Our representative voted for it, too, of course.

    Problem is, as I see it, now conservatives in and out of office are screaming epithets and claiming everyone who voted for it–and, of course, Pelose and Reid–will be out of office, come November. If the election were to be held in the next week, there’d be a better chance of that. But more than 7 months remain in which anything can happen, the public can forget or can decide that the Kool-Aid tastes really good, after all, and we’ll see little or no change, after the election. If that happens, the arrogance of the Left will leave the stratosphere in which it now floats, and there will be no stopping the decline of America into Socialism.

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