On The Road

Loving wife and I are with our youngest son in Washington D.C. this week seeing the sites and doing my best to educate on true United States history instead of that politically correct liberal crap he is learning in school these days. I hear there is a Tea Party going on and I am hoping I get to see some of it, take some photos, and maybe even yell out a protest slogan or two from far back in the crowd (I got a career to protect for two more years so I can’t yell at Nancy in the Congressional Gallery just yet.)

Yes, I am a federal worker who doesn’t like what our elected leaders are doing to our country. I also want a smaller, less intrusive federal government, go figure that. And there are many more like me, it’s just that you don’t hear from us for the same reason you don’t hear from conservative teachers in K-12 grades or conservative college professors or conservative Hollywood types – which is that we are outnumbered and have livelihoods to protect.

And I’m not lazy. Or at least certainly not any lazier than any private sector worker I have ever met. Now am I as productive? Impossible to tell, since my job is one of those that doesn’t translate to a private sector job and can’t be measured by how many widgets I produce or how many sales I make. I do know what my – our – mission is though and I do my best to complete that mission in a timely, effective, and professional manner while spending as little of your – our – tax dollars as possible.

Nor am I stupid or uneducated. And I don’t have a disdain for the American people. I am an American person, after all.

Anyway, rambling here (been getting hit on all sides by a “hatin’ all government workers crap” these days) as I wait for loving wife to vacate the bathroom after an hour of primping so that I can shower myself, so I will let you go.

Oh, the brunette? Nothing to do with the post, she is just hot.

H/T to Theo for the photo of course.



  1. I love you, man.

  2. You think it matters what her political bias is ?
    Naw, I didn’t think so.

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