Bloggerazzi Photopalooza!

You know what is so interesting, and telling, about these photos of the CPAC 2010: Bloggerazzi Photopalooza. Well, aside from the fact that the guys all have faces made for radio and the gals are all beautiful, what’s interesting is that you can’t find one angry person in the bunch. No scowling with rage pitch-fork and torch carrying protesters here. Leave that for the left who always look like Glenn Reynolds just blended their collective puppies.

Nope, everyone looks full of good cheer, enthusiasm, and maybe an adult beverage or two. In other words, the kind of folks other people want to hang with.

Might be one of the reasons why the Tea Parties are catching on, aside from that whole “quit stealing my money and forcing crap programs on me without my consent” thing.



  1. Consent? As in, “with the consent of the governed”? I think that’s been replaced by, “in spite of the governed.”

  2. By the way, have you seen this, and what’s your take on it? I’m going to pull the Constitution off our book shelves, in the next couple of days to read about the Census.

  3. TRO, interestingly, even in the dark days of 06 and 08, pics of CPAC showed a lot of happy people.

    • Well, they’ve done at least one study where they proved that conservatives are just generally happier than liberals so that makes sense.

      • Maybe it’s because conservatives are attractive and liberals are butt ugly?

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