Pointy Birds
By Steve Martin

Pointy Birds,
oh pointy pointy.
Anoint my head
anointy ‘nointy…

In line with my new-found determination that this blog not turn into some sad imitation of the more successful picture-posting blogs I enjoy, I feel the need to actually write something as opposed to cutting and pasting. And so I turn to something that peaked my interest a long time ago which is “pointy bras.”

To be honest though, this is an old post idea from long ago on a blog long since gone, renovated in a word, both because I like the subject but also because I’m still feeling kind of lazy and can’t seem to get totally original just yet.

Anyway, what jogged my memory in the pointy bra direction was my seeing Watchmen for the first time the other night. Part of the movie takes place in the 1940s and that got me thinking about all the movies from the 1940s and 1950s period. The pointy bra era. (Actually, it is more rightly called the bullet bra era but then that doesn’t work with the Steve Martin thing up above so give me a break.)

Some research into the matter discloses that the pointy bra may have become most popular in the 1950s, but the 1930s saw the onset of bras with “quite separate cups” and the invention of “cup” sizes.

Prior to the 30s, the style was the very confining “slimming” style of the Flapper. The 1940s is described as a “utility” period for bras (there was a war on, ya know), but the movies from that era seem to be chocked full of pointy bras, so maybe only Hollywood had access to them. Finally, it appears that the 1960s killed off the pointy bra (along with most bras for that matter).

It might just be me, but I think the wide-shouldered, pointy bra women in those 40s and 50s films look not only sexy, but also classy and intelligent.

So, assuming the things are not awfully uncomfortable, ladies, what about bringing them back? I’ll wear a Fedora if you do.

Okay, this is not an example of a pointy bra, but jeeze it is a great photo.

There’s like a mile of leg there, topped off by great points up high.


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  1. I reside in Portugal now so things are new and exciting over here but
    I miss the States. Appreciate you for telling me.

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