Not Sexing It Up In Mississippi

Tiger Woods undergoing sex rehab in Mississippi?

Tiger Woods was been spotted for the first time since the November 2009 car crash that led to revelations of his serial infidelity.

A bearded, hooded Woods was photographed at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services’ facility called Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

According to The National Enquirer, Woods is undergoing a six-week intensive treatment under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Carnes, an expert on sex addiction.

Woods reportedly entered the facility in late December as part of a bid to save his fiive-year marriage to former bikini model Elin Nordegren. According to the Enquirer, Nordegren demanded Woods enter treatment, or she would divorce him.

The embattled golfer lost several sponsorship deals, including lucrative deals with Gatorade and Accenture, after he was romantically linked to as many as 14 different women, including pancake waitresses, porn stars and club hostesses.

Two thoughts here. Why is a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi of all places? I’m from Mississippi and, with the exception of the sororities at Ole Miss, I can’t say that there are that many reasons to be a sex addict there. Don’t get me wrong, Mississippi has some lovely women, it just seems to me that a clinic like that would be in LA or NYC with all the temptation of hot, silicone-enhanced babes. Then again, maybe it’s located near the Mississippi University for Women which is enough to deter even the worst male sex addict.

Secondly, isn’t marriage pretty much a sex rehab already? Don’t married men usually stray because they aren’t getting any at home (in-house rehab)? Tiger’s wife is a babe and yet he cheated and cheated and cheated. And since men are 99% sex drive and 1% emotional attachment, that pretty much tells me that either the quantity or quality of sex was lacking at home. Perhaps if she were more willing to meet his physical needs this would not have happened.  The inverse of his meeting her emotional needs you see.

Or not. Maybe he’s just a horn-dog and no matter what she did or didn’t do he would have been making holes in one everywhere but at home.

I really don’t see this working either way. If she takes him back he’s likely to do it again. It’s not like this was a one time deal where he got caught up in the physical and emotional (yes, there could be some of that in a one-time deal) moment. The guy was obviously playing multiple greens brunettes, blondes, and redheads for heaven’s sake.  And if she dumps him, well, he might as well enjoy himself being single and a multi-millionaire.

Oh well, none of my business really. I don’t golf. I don’t buy Nike (or any other) products because of Tiger. And I certainly don’t care if he is a sex addict or not. (Especially since I think the whole sex addict thing is just another excuse for bad behavior.)

I just thought it was interesting that the clinic was in my home state of Mississippi.  Who woulda’ thought?

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  1. Well, I’\m from MS (that’s the “MS” in my wordpress handle) and if you are going to learn to stop having sex with every woman that comes along MS is certainly the place to be!

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