I’m Hoping She’s Been Transferred to Vicksburg

We’re down in Vicksburg having an after-Christmas visit with my parents and some uncles and aunts so I’m posting even less than I normally do, which I didn’t think was possible but evidently it is. We drove down yesterday, a nice sunny drive that had relatively little traffic.

Today we are heading to one of the “boats” for lunch and then taking a tour of the Vicksburg National Military Park. My youngest son has never been and I am looking forward to showing him all the history there. By history I mean not only the war memorials but my personal history of riding bikes in the park when I was even younger than him and occasionally parking with a pretty gal in some of the more secluded parts when I was just a bit older. Of course, the latter is not really possible any longer since they now charge a fee to enter and it is closed at night and more closely monitored by Park Rangers, but that won’t stop me from fondly remembering those days.

This is more than just a sight-seeing tour though since the boy is working on his Citizenship of the Nation Merit Badge for Boy Scouts and needs this to complete it and move that much closer to Eagle Scout.

After that we’ll head on down and take a tour of Vicksburg while I point out all the places of my youth to loving wife for the millionth time. To her credit she never complains about this, but then again she rarely complains about anything I do. I fully expect one day she will climb a bell tower and let the world know in no uncertain terms about her frustrations with TRO. Hopefully I will be out of town when that happens.

Anyway, that’s it.  I hope my few readers are having excellent holidays and that the next year brings you much joy and happiness.

Talk soon.


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