Not The Conduct Of A President. But Certainly The Conduct Of A Community Organizer

Like, say, Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson, or an angry ACORN worker. Or maybe a Code Pink type. But no, it was none of these. it was the President of the United States America.

His arrival was immediately followed by a pithy presentation. Right after his arrival at the conference center, he let it be known to those present: “The time for [mere] talk is over.” He would assume leadership of the negotiations.

Together with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leaders of Russia, Brazil, Japan, the European Union and of other important countries, Obama went to work. But it did not go quite as the Nobel Peace Prize-winner had imagined. Only Norbert Röttgen, Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety remained optimistic. In spite of the tough negotiations, a compromise can be found, he said. “Today the die will be cast.”

Instead a fiasco had begun making itself visible and felt. It began during the night of Friday and Saturday. A small group of negotiators assembled from among the 30 important and representative countries, among them Germany, were still discussing the main features and principles to be included in a twelve-point document. It was titled “The Copenhagen Accord” and consisted of a three-page collection of vague aims, without specific legally-binding goals that were to be achieved.

Although China is among the worst climate polluters and has had a long ascent in becoming an industrial power deserving of respect and recognition, Premier Wen Jiabao was not among the participants in the talks-not that his participation was not desired. To the contrary!

According to rumors in the Bella Center, US President Barack Obama at about 11 PM, had impatiently asked to speak with Wen Jiabao in order to advance the discussion. But Obama had to wait. Wen, who, it was rumored, had rarely left his hotel room, could not be found. Finally, the US delegation located him in a room set aside for negotiations. A visibly furious Obama, according to reports, stormed into the room. “Are you now ready to talk with me, Premier Wen?” he was reported to have shouted. “Are you now ready? Premier Wen, are you now ready to talk with me?” What a scene for a US president.

Wen was not alone in the room at the time when Obama quite literally burst into the room, according to participants. At the time, the Premier was in a conversation with India’s head of state, Mammohan Singh and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma. Suddenly the group saw itself forced into a conversation with the US president.

This was the guy who was supposed to be better at foreign relations than that cowboy, George Bush? The guy who, through his charm, professionalism, intelligence, etc., was going to win the love and cooperation of the whole world.

Instead we have a community organizing clown who embarrasses our nation time and time again. Which would be okay I guess if his clowning actually accomplished anything. But it hasn’t. Iran continues to build its nukes. North Korea keeps launching its missiles. The Chinese keep doing whatever the hell they want to do. And the big climate change Copenhagen deal is a total bust. Not that last one is a bad thing because it ain’t. It’s a wonderful thing.

Fact is, Barry sucks at this job. He sucks at it worse than Carter sucked at it.  He doesn’t know what the hell he is doing both here at home and abroad. His popularity is already at a low that George Bush hadn’t dipped to even in his last year as president. The vast majority of Americans do not want Obamacare, and that includes liberals, but he and Reid and Pelosi are just too damn stupid or corrupt to care.  It would be funny if they weren’t so damn dangerous on every level.

May a pox be on the houses of everyone who voted for this clown.  If this country goes down you helped bring it about.


Really?  This is our president? Who accidentally uses that finger to rest their head on?  Via Theo.


Barry and his staff put a Mao ornament on the White House Christmas tree. And a transvestite ornament. And a photo of him on Mount Rushmore ornament. Obama, not the transvestite, although both are equally creepy in my opinion. These people are fricken nuts.



  1. I think it’s (not just the ornament thing, but that, too) called arrogance, hubris, chutzpuh(?). They’re doing what they want, because they can, and they revel in the power. They are as greedy for power and opportunities to exercise it as any Wall Street banker or Enron exec’ has ever been for money.

    I hope I remember to come back to this post when we get back home, in a few days. I want to sign up for Rasmussen reports

  2. Someone needed to say no to this man when he was a child.

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