Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen

Look, I don’t golf. And as a result I don’t worship golfers. Even the bestest golfer ever, Tiger Woods. (Although I have a nostalgic soft spot for Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Chi Chi Rodriguez, and Lee Trevino).

Then again I certainly don’t wish him any ill will either. But jeeze, Tiger was supposed to be THE role model for young athletes everywhere, wasn’t he? Sort of the anti-NBA, NFL, Etc. type of athlete who was serious about his game and his personal life as well.

I thought so. Fans thought so. And certainly his sponsors thought so.

Well, oopsie, we were all wrong.

And while I and others thought this extra-marital fling deal might pass him by, a single misstep in an otherwise role model life, well, boy was that not the case. Because when you have a porn star bragging about bonking you on YouTube I’m pretty sure your days of role modeling are over. And maybe also your endorsements.  (Yeah, Gatorade, it was just a coincidence, right.)

Still it could be worse. A porn star said you were both a gentleman and good in bed. That’s quite an endorsement in most guys’ books. Many women hearing this, once they got past the whole icky “you banged a porn star” thing, would think you were a real catch.

Then again, a porn star is probably not the best judge of gentlemanly behavior considering the guys she normally hangs with. She probably thinks any guy who cleans his junk first is a gentleman of the first degree.

Like everything today, it’s all relative I guess.

Anyway, I do hope Tiger can overcome this setback. He is a great golfer and even a non-golfer like me can enjoy seeing him play.

On the golf course that is.

And as to his lost Gatorade endorsement? Well, maybe Trojan could step up to the tee and fill that gap (pun intended).

Oh, and to be fair, she seems to be describing something that happened prior to his marriage (his bachelor party?) so maybe it has nothing to do with his current problems. Except for the sex. And his attraction to wild women. And to banging chicks while he is serious with his future wife.

Just all that.


  1. The man certainly lacks some smarts if he thought he could continue to get away with that kind of behavior forever. BAD Tiger. And what’s up with all these women? They’re standing in line to tell their stories about how they slept with Tiger Woods. You can’t really have any respect for Tiger – OR the women!

  2. Golfers are notorious womanizers.
    I think Tiger was just trying to be one of the guys.
    Hey what’s wrong with liking women ?

    Of course the fact that he is married sort of causes problems.

    Here is a bombshell … men cheat on their wives … o m g !!!

    This too shall pass …

    • I don’t care if he cheats on her or not . .. . but I don’t think this is going to pass. He’s up to 14 including hookers and porn stars . . . I think the guy is toast as far as big-time endorsements go.

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