This Is It

Fed Ex delivered my new Alienware gaming computer yesterday. In a sopping wet box. From the looks of it they must have left it sitting on an outside dock for a few hours in the heavy rain we had here in Nashville. It was literally falling apart on one side, with one flap on the top open and water inside. And to add insult to injury the Fed Ex driver shoved and dropped and roughly man-handled my $1700 machine (yeah I know that is cheap for an Alienware system, but it still rocks) from his truck to our door in an angry snit because loving wife insisted he bring it in the front and not down to the basement (where he would not get as wet doing so I suppose).

Fortunately the only water damage done to the inside was at the corner of the keyboard/mouse box and that did not touch the well-wrapped components inside. The inner-box that holds the computer – a fine box indeed (no seriously it is a wickedly good box) – was in perfect condition thank goodness.

Long story short, the computer is working fine and, while I haven’t played one game yet, is impressive as hell. It’s a monster, both in terms of styling and weight (seriously heavy). It looks like the transport for a Spacing Guild Navigator from Dune.

And it is fast. Very fast. No doubt due to the combination of the new Windows 7 and the ATI Radeon 5870 video card and 6GB of RAM in it.

I had a little buyer’s remorse as I laid in bed last night, but that probably had more to do with the $7546* we put down on new windows for the house yesterday than my new computer. But it will pass and I hope to be enjoying it guilt-free soon.

* I’ll get $1500 back in that save the environment tax credit which is good since it’s my damn money anyway.



  1. I am soooo envious, I mean, happy for you. Is it a 64-bit system?

    • Yes sir it is, with an i7 920 2.67GHz Quad processor, 6GB 1336MHz DDR3 RAM, and an ATI Radeon 5870 graphics card.

  2. Back to thinking Klingon. Does something more back and forth inside the red zone, when you confront it? (It’s been way too many years since I watched Star Trek and actually saw Klingons!) But I’d make a point of being very nice to that thing, if I were you.

    • Actually I think you can make the lights move back and forth and change colors but I haven’t played with that part yet. It’s just a cool-blue now.

  3. Cool because I always wondered: if you get a 64-bit system, do you have to buy all new software (the “64-bit” versions)? Can you run 32-bit programs on it? What’s the skinny?

    • I haven’t tried to load many programs on the computer yet. It’s just be fun figuring out all the features Alienware provides, plus Windows 7 which is great.

      However, World of Warcraft is a 32 bit program and it is running fine. Halo2 won’t play though, but I’m sure that isn’t a a 32 bit versus 64 bit issue.

      I did find this explanation that says 32 bit versions of programs will work on 64 bit systems though. Unless they are very old it seems.

      I’ll keep you informed.

  4. Way-y-y too technical for me! But I’d be really ticked about the condition of the box!

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