I Want To Hang With John Cusack In A Disaster

Because he is the luckiest guy alive. At least in 2012 which I saw yesterday and which I will briefly review for you folks.  I don’t think I am spoiling anything but be warned.

1.  Great special effects.  It makes The Day After Tomorrow look downright boring (which it was, but not because of the special effects).

2.  Like I said, John Cusack is the guy to hang with in a disaster. He and his family are literally inches from death again and again and somehow manage to outrun it on planes, trains and automobiles. Well, not trains really, the folks on those are screwed.  But give Cusack a limo or camper or his wife’s “had three flying lessons” boyfriend an airplane large or small, and they leave death behind in their dust.

3.  As reported in the news,  everything Muslim is safe in the 2012 world-ending disaster, while Christianity and Buddhism take a big hit.  No word on how atheists make out, but I swear I saw Bill Maher crying and hugging Janeane Garofalo while they both screamed, “It’s all Bush’s fault.”  Of course it could have just been indigestion from all those Sour Patch Kids I was eating, but tell me they wouldn’t be doing just that should the world end.

4.  Some totally unnecessary deaths that disappointed. I’m not sure what the director was thinking, but the movie would have been much better without them.

5.  The only bad guy was an older American white guy of course, although he was offset by a number of good Americans doing good things. The fact that the bad older American white guy had some valid points (basically think saving humanity triage) was lost in all the kumbaya stuff. And really, the Russians and the Germans are more humane than the Americans?  I know this is fiction, but jeez, Stephen King’s clown in the sewer is more believable.

All in all a good escapist flick which will keep your attention unless your Alma mater just happens to be kicking Tennessee’s ass 42-17 while you are in the movie (sigh), with a good performance by Woody Harrelson, who you just know is as crazy in real life as he is in this movie.

Check it out.


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