The Chicago Way


Like Steve Martin in The Jerk who blamed the cans as he was being sniped at from afar, the left is doing everything they can to blame the Fort Hood shooting on anything but Islamic Jihad.

And Chicago Mayor Daley is reaching new heights in idiocy by blaming inanimate objects for the atrocity.

“Unfortunately, America loves Guns. We love guns to a point where that uh we see devastation on a daily basis. You don’t blame a group.”

Not that it’s new to blame guns for shootings. It’s not. What’s new is blaming  guns for shooting on an Army installation. It is makes about as much sense as not mentioning Ronald Reagan during the Berlin Wall anniversary.

Oh yeah, that didn’t happen either.

Rewriting history and disappearing people. Isn’t that what communists have historically done?

Bye, bye Reagan.  Year One is now officially the Year of Obama.

But back to the shooting.

Daley doesn’t want to blame a group of people for this action.  He wants to blame guns.  But if there had been no guns available wouldn’t this Muslim coward have simply built him a nice little backpack bomb and lit the fuse as he yelled, “Allah Akbar” for all to hear?

The answer is yes.

But that wouldn’t be his fault.

Blame backpacks.

Blame PTSD.

Blame discrimination against him and other Muslims in America, despite the fact that there is no evidence that it even exists, much less results in some fantasy backlash that appeasers continue to push.

Blame anything and anyone BUT the real problem.

Hat-tip to Theo for the cartoon.



  1. Obama and his administration is intellectually and morally bankrupt. The things they say are so far removed from reality as to be meaningless drivel. If he isn’t insane, he’s close to it.

  2. I figured I’d post a letter I recently worte here.
    My father was a WW II veteran who served in the European theator. He
    carried shrapnel in his back from a grenade ’till the day he was buried (ten
    years ago).

    I am a seven year veteran of the UA Navy with a 40% service connected

    Our son-in-law (Sgt Buddy James Hughie) was KIA by a Taliban sniper in
    Afghanistan. Buddy was awarded two Bronze Star medals with Valor and a
    Purple Heart medal. In fact after Buddy’s death there was a FOB established
    in the area where he was killed and named in his honor, “FOB HUGHIE.”

    We currently have a twenty-three year old nephew serving with the 114th MPs
    in Mosul, Iraq.

    Major Hassan (an army officer serving on active duty) takes the time to pick
    out his weapon, fills out the necessary paper work, goes back and purchases
    the fire arm, adds a scope to increase his chances of kill shots, goes to a
    firing range to make sure he can operate his killing weapon proficiently,
    chooses a place where military men and women are massed together, picks a
    time of day when those service members will be gathered waiting, gets
    dressed in traditional Muslim attire, loads his killing weapon in his
    vehicle, drives to his chosen killing field, gets out and begins killing
    UNARMED American service men and women while shouting terms associated with
    Muslim Extremist Terrorists.

    So other than Major Hassan’s US Army officer active duty status what sets
    him apart from other terrorists?

    Like tens of thousands others, our family has sacrificed a great deal for
    our country. Like tens of thousands of others, our family will continue to
    sacrifice, serve and defend the Constitution of the United States of

    Please do not spit in our face and tell us you are giving us a bath. We
    know the difference.

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