As is typical of many things, the importance thereof is in the eye of the beholder. Swine flu, for example, has everyone riled-up and for no real reason that I can see. At least no more reason than any other end of the world issue that the media and nanny-staters in our government play up these days.

Remember Alar in apples? Oh my!

Global warming? Save us, Obi-Gore!

Millions of people dying in our streets without healthcare? Obamacare is the only answer!

Zombie attack? Okay, well, we DO need to worry about zombies, especially with millions of non-insured bodies just lying in the streets unclaimed. But the rest of this stuff is blown out of proportion by a factor of 10,000 at a minimum.

Not that we shouldn’t pay some attention to these things. Pandemics are certainly possible and Zombies are a certainty sooner or later. But come on, how much false fear has been instilled in our society by this disaster bloviating over the years?

There is real stuff to be concerned about though. Islamic radicalism for one. And the equally dangerous politically correct attitude that is allowing it to take root in our society and, from the looks of it, kill our soldiers here at home. (Hey, Army leadership – wake the frack up!!)


One must get a sense of it.


For example, some would say too big, but they’d be wrong.

They’re just right.

Hat-tip to Theo.


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  1. You make a very strong case. Very strong. I especially like the strong finish. Not too big, indeed.

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