Just A Short Note About The Cowardly Man Who Allegedly* Killed And Wounded So Many At Fort Hood

He is a Islamic Jihadist. The liberal media, our appeasing administration, and “religion of peace” apologists can try to spin it all they want but everyone with as much as a thimble-full of common sense and honesty knows this. The fact that he is an educated man who, at least at one time, decided he would serve his country honorably doesn’t mean a thing. He went bad. He let this warped religion darken his heart and mind and because of this he allegedly* did this horrible deed.  And he is certainly NOT a victim.

God be with the families of those killed and with those wounded in this cowardly attack.

*I guess since he is still alive we have to say allegedly so we don’t screw up his trial, conviction, and ultimate execution.



  1. My eyebrows went through the roof when I saw his name. No wonder it took so long for the Army to identify him. Um, yeah, I don’t feel sorry for him. Like Gary said, “He could have resigned his commission.” He didn’t have to go on a killing spree. He could have just done some really off the wall stuff that would get him kicked out. It’s been done before. This had nothing to do with his deployment.

  2. The irony of it is that our American Hero’s (Sgt. Buddy James Hughie) brother-in-law is an Army Doctor at Ft. Hood. Our daughter spoke with her sister-in-law (the doctor’s wife) and was told that he had “worked on” many of the survivors.

    Buddy was a caucasion Christian who was killed by a Taliban sniper while saving the lives of three Afghani Army Nationals (dark skinned men who are of the Muslim faith).

    Major (COWARD) HASAN is a Muslim whom ambushed unarmed women and men.

  3. I don’t think we have to say “alleged.” Only in a court of law is a person to be deemed innocent until/unless proven guilty. Outside of that venue, we are not, in fact, bound by that premise. We can, should and do evaluate, assess, analyze, draw conclusions, and make judgments, all the time…as do the folks in the media. Note for the record (former teacher, here) that evaluating, assessing, analyzing, etc., are all “higher order thinking skills.” Some people (e.g., would-be appeasers) don’t like to do that, unless they’re focusing on white, esp. male, America-loving people.

  4. Well at least I hear he’s probably paralyzed.

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