Go Tell Your Friends

Shamelessly stolen from Three Donia, but worth the misdemeanor charge because it says so much about yesterday’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey and the efforts of good Americans to put a stop to the crap that is overwhelming our country right now.

A little hyperbole? Perhaps. Or perhaps not, if you are as honestly concerned . . . frightened even . . . about the way things are going lately. Like I am. Like a lot of people are.

Things can change back though. That’s the good thing about America. We screw-up and we can fix it a few years later. Fixing it isn’t easy though when many in the country don’t see the mistake or, as is the case with many on the left, don’t think it is a mistake at all. Fortunately more and more people do see it and they are moving – some loudly, and some quietly – to correct it.

But you do have to keep working at it.  Because like a crooked contractor, the people who made this mistake and who are making more and more each day are just trying to cover it up with Spackle and some paint. Or even make it worse, by trying to pile more crap on an already crappy foundation.

So we’ve got a lot of work to do between now and November 2010, but it’s work worth doing and will be a lot easier if we have tons of help.

So go tell your friends.


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