One Must Post


To keep readers. Something I have said before but for some reason seem to forget when it comes to my own blog. The stats don’t lie and my popularity polls are well below Obama and you know how well he’s been doing lately.

Thing is, I simply don’t have much to post about. Everything you can learn here you can learn somewhere else, only with well-written and properly sourced material.

So what makes the few of you come here and read I wonder.

Bored more than likely and like the poster up above says, “with nothing better to do.” Or trying to avoid doing the laundry and feeding the kids. Or if you’re Catholic maybe you’re working off some sin you feel guilty about.

Otherwise I have no clue.

Hmm, what to talk about?

Oh, men don’t like skinny women. This is not news to me. Men like curves. We enjoy soft skin. We like girls who smell nice and wear just a bit of makeup now and again. (Well, I do anyway.)

We don’t want women who look like they are addicted to meth or have Madonna-like arms.

Not that we won’t have sex with those women, we are men after all, but we would prefer our women to be real and soft and curvy and smelling like spring flowers in the sunshine

And brunette.

Let me see.

Does anyone get into hockey? I don’t. Went to an NHL game once and came out drunk and confused. Okay, it’s true that could be said of my condition after leaving almost any professional sports game – especially the NFL – but it was more than just a general “where the hell am I and where are the people I came with” kind of confusion. In this case it was a “why did they give those two groups of gang-bangers skates, pads, helmets, and sticks to fight with and why did they occasionally chase that little black round thing?” kind of confusion.

Anyway, I was thinking that I could learn to like it though if all the players looked like this.


What else?

Evidently the key to a happy marriage is having a younger, smarter wife who likes to have sex a lot. With her husband, hopefully.

Sort of kills the blonde-bimbo wife theory though.

You want a smart brunette hottie I’m thinking.

Or maybe a ginger.

They are smart I hear.

And definitely hot.


And they certainly take good pictures.

That’s it. No ending. Nothing to see here. Move along folks.



  1. I come here every day to be entertained,and i like the pictures you post.

  2. I’m not crazy about the girly photos, but I love your writing … and I heart you. 🙂

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