Not For Nothing


But my oldest son, almost 25, soon to be public school teacher, unabashed liberal and Obama supporter, actually grimaced when I mentioned him the other day. Then he said, and I quote exactly, “I sure wish Hillary had won, he’s nothing like I thought he would be.”

Then we talked about stuff in general and health care specifically and he was, get this, totally against a government option.

Point is, if Barry is losing  – seems to have lost – my son, then I feel confident the polls that say he is crashing and burning are accurate and  probably even underestimating how bad things are for him.  Independents are running away from him in droves and my guess is tons of liberals who backed him are moving away as well and are just not being as honest about it as my son reluctantly was with me.

It’s hard to say you made a mistake after all.

And Barry knows this. Pelosi, Reid, and the rest know this. Which is why the White House is trying to take control of the media.  And that’s why the Dems in power are ratcheting-up the hateful rhetoric against those who dare to “speak truth to power” and dissent.

Kill the messenger when you can’t stop the message.

But fortunately, this is still a free country and, even more fortunately it’s much harder to control that message and kill the messenger than it was back in the stone ages when I was born.

Especially fortunate when you look at what kind of administration we have right now.

The scary kind.

Not the manufactured and laughable  “Bush is taking away our civil liberties because he locked up some terrorists in Gitmo” kind.

No, this is the real deal. The “take over private industry, try to shut down media outlets, demonize all opponents, not enforce the laws against election fraud, etc.” kind.

Point is, things may change in 2010 but a lot of damage can happen between now and then so keep up the pressure on your representatives.  Write, call, email, whatever, but let them know how you feel about what is being done to our great nation.

It’s not too late.  Yet.



  1. Well you need to give your son a lot of credit. While he still may be a liberal, like you mentioned – it’s pretty tough to admit when you’re wrong. And he basically admitted it. So – you raised a good kid there. He’ll come all the way around one day. 🙂

  2. Like your son, I was a liberal in college, and even fell for BillyJeff Clinton. Yes…I bought into that whole “second coming of Kennedy” stuff.

    Then I graduated. And got a job. NOT in my major, which was education. Suffice to say, I grew up.

    Not that I’m in any way insulting your son. He sounds like a smart guy and he’s already seeing things for what they are.

    • He’s already backtracking though. I guess he had a weak moment and now has to shore up his liberal credentials. Everyone hates being wrong and having to admit it is tough, all the more tougher for a liberal I believe. And he is a smart kid. Decent too. We are lucky that way. I just don’t know why he turned out a liberal. I did drop him on his head a few times when he was little so that may be the answer.

  3. My Dad’s a teacher and probably as liberal as your son, and I’ve been enjoying pointing how supportive Obama is being of NCLB.

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