Brunette Of The Week (Or Why I Hate Gary)

The beautiful and accomplished Kristina, who was kind enough to add some class, style and va-va-voom to this lowly blog and also some entertainment in the form of a bedtime story.

And now for your reading and (mostly) viewing pleasure I present . . .

The Brunette, The Pie, and The Happy Guy

Everyone knows that there are two keys to a happy marriage – apple pie and a good wife. If you have a good wife, she’ll make you apple pie.

She’ll start by putting on her best dress and heels.


Then, she’ll put on an apron that really should be worn without anything underneath it, but there are kids in the house. The husband will just have to use his imagination.


She then bakes the pie.


Always presenting it with a smile and stylish shoes


Finally, she presents her husband with a glass of whiskey.


Only then can the good wife go about the business of reading TRO.

I love stories like this. Only this one ends way too soon and like the husband I will have to leave it to my imagination.

I do have two comments though. One, where the heck did the apple pie go? Whiskey is fine, but it was pie for heaven’s sake. Pie!  Pie goes with everything from brunettes in high heels to whiskey. So, like, did Gary eat the pie later on when he was very, very hungry? Or did Kristina send it to me via Fed Ex? (I wish.)

Secondly, and this is important. Reading TRO shouldn’t be business. It should be pleasure. Maybe not apple-pie pleasure, but somewhere in the same spectrum. Gary can pretend it is business all he wants and imagine Kristina is bored to death and would rather be working on another pie, but we know better.

Anyway, much thanks to the lovely Kristina and the very lucky and good-humored Gary for making my day and giving me something truly fun to post.

Now to go ask the wife about baking me some apple pie . . .



  1. TRO,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Kristina has been working on that idea for a while. In reference to the pie, I was fortunate enough to have a piece the day she made it, and it was really good (you’re right, she really should Fed-Ex one to you), however, one day at work and my accomplished and beautiful wife and my three growing sons had finished it.

    You are also correct that reading TRO should be a pleasure. We certainly enjoy it!

    • And I am fortunate to have such great readers. I do appreciate the idea for the post too, it was a blast. Glad you enjoyed it.

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