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Look I don’t for a moment think that Air Force PT standards are tougher than Marine PT standards (and probably not even as tough, although to be fair the Air Force has toughened theirs up big time), but seriously, did the Marines actually have to whine about this?

The Marine Corps moved fast to silence an Air Force military training instructor who boasted in a service-sponsored video that airmen are in better shape than Marines.

In a video broadcast on the Air Force’s Web site, the unidentified instructor bragged that airmen who graduate basic military training are “in better shape than most Marines.”

The video, forwarded around the Marine Corps via e-mail, reached Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent, who asked Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy on Thursday to have it removed. Roy ordered his staff to take it off the site immediately after reading Kent’s e-mail and reviewing the video.

“Needless to say, I was shocked when I checked my e-mail this morning,” Kent said in a statement released to Marine Corps Times on Thursday. “I had numerous e-mails from privates first class through senior staff [non-commissioned officers] questioning the intent of this video. You have to understand, Marines are very proud, and they view statements like the ones in the video as an attack and will defend the honor of our Corps at all costs.”

Roy agreed with Kent’s assessment.

“Once [Roy] saw the video, he felt the only right thing to do was to have it taken down,” said Master Sgt. Adam Stump, an Air Force spokesman.

Come on, Marines, there’s no crying in the tough game of recruiting. Man-up for heaven’s sake. You’re the fricken United States Marine Corps and this hurt your feelings?

What’s next? Complaining that the MCX doesn’t have the right color nail polish for your pedicures? (I’m talking to the male Marines, by the way.) You’re the baddest of the bad. The elite. The greatest warriors the world has ever known since the Roman Legions and maybe that Fat Bastard guy from Austin Powers.


That said, I am going into hiding now because I don’t want Viper hunting me down and killing me.



  1. Well this isn’t about the Marines or the Air Force, doll, but something more pressing. What in heck has happened to the Tennessee Titans???

  2. Personally I think it is the past sins of Bud Adams and the Houston Oilers finally catching up to them. I’m a Colts and Saints fan myself.

  3. “You have to understand, Marines are very proud, and they view statements like the ones in the video as an attack and will defend the honor of our Corps at all costs.”

    I hope he didn’t mean that quite as literally as it sounds!

  4. Obviously that Air Force dude hasn’t seen the Guard guys. I love my husband, an officer in the Air National Guard, but let’s be honest, he’s not in shape.

    And besides that, I cannot stand the new PT gear for the Air Force.

  5. As a former Marine I have to comment on this, sorry. Marine Corps boot camp isn’t just about the physical, the object is to remake the entire individual. Marines come out of boot camp in the very best shape they can possibly be, but mentally they are ready for combat and have a completely different mindset. When you combine the physical fitness with the “I’m 9 feet tall and bullet proof” attitude, you have the killing machine that we all know and love.

    My best bud Joe is former Air Force and I’m sure he would agree.

    • I don’t doubt that Marine Corps boot camp does just that, but I would argue that they all do that to a certain extent. Regardless, my point was that guys and gals who are “9 feet tall and bullet proof” really shouldn’t complain about this TI saying his training is not as easy as some might think. Using the Marines as a standard is a compliment not an insult – to me anyway.

      • It really is a compliment and no, there shouldn’t be any complaining. I’m sure the Air Force recruits have it rough too. It’s really gotta be tough when the maid forgets to put a mint on the pillow…. hehe.

  6. Oh yes, I recall the mints. Damn I miss the service.

  7. First, let me say, that TI is an idiot. One, for THINKING that “Airmen are in better shape than most Marines are.” Two, for saying it.

    He might have got away with saying “Some Airmen are in better shape than SOME Marines are.” I would agree with that statement.

    About the whining, well, what choice does the Marine Corps have when such a blatant lie is thrown out there for the general population to consume? Wouldn’t the Air Force bust a G-string if we put out that “All Airmen come out of basic with the IQ of a small woodland creature.”? Obviously it’s a lie and it has to be addressed, especially when this TIdiot scratches on the door of the Marines’ most revered bragging right.

    How could this have been handled differently? A challenge of ten Marines versus ten Airmen. Then we would see that TI eat his fucking hat.

    Semper Fi.

    • I was wondering how long it would take you to show up, my friend. Slowing-up a bit in retirement? Tsk, tsk, how positively civilian of you. 🙂

      And the challenge would have been a good idea. Better than the whining for sure. Of course we would send five Combat Control guys and five Para-rescue guys and then we could have had quite a contest.

      But seriously, the guy was trying to sell the Air Force and let those interested know that it wasn’t the cake-walk they might think it was. At least not anymore what with the war on terror being a different type of war. This is healthy competition. I just didn’t see this as an attack on the Corps that required a “take down that video” kind of attitude.

      I’m not insulted by the “mint” jabs. I would hope the Marines could handle a little jabbing too.

      Good to have you back in the USA by the way.

  8. And we would send 10 random Marines. Ha ha..

    It’s good to be back.

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