And Now For Something Serious


From a military wife and mother with bigger fish to fry.

Last week, there was a problem with some children I know. Child A had thrown Child B’s necklace and broken it. This was, obviously, not a good thing to do. But, Child B’s mother made the comment, “What do I tell my child? How do I explain to my child why this happened?”

Recently, I’ve also heard this question in regard to nursing your child in public. “How do I explain what you’re doing to my child? I don’t want to have to answer that question.”

These questions make me want to scream. I just didn’t know why. I was telling Gary about it, and my reaction to it, when he said, “And I want to know how to tell a soldier’s kid that his dad isn’t coming home from the war.”

Yup, he hit it on the head. I’ve got more important things to worry about. I’ve got friends who are deployed. I have friends who’s spouses are deployed. My children have been to more funerals (for non-soldiers) in their short lifetimes than I had been to before I was 21. My children have more important things to worry about than a necklace breaking.

Read the rest, cause it’s all good.

And it reminded me of something I read over at The Corner recently. Some conservative readers were writing-in about how they were sending their kids off to college and were worried they would come back as liberals or, in one case, a Red Sox fan (New York kid was going to Boston College or something). And it was all in good humor of course until someone wrote in and said something to the effect of, “I just saw my son, a U.S. Marine, graduate from boot camp and he is now heading-off to Iraq. And I’m so proud.”

Well, to say the least it put things in perspective.

There are small things that happen in our lives. Broken necklaces, women popping their boobs out in public (when did this become a bad thing?), my college son’s car being flooded and me having to deal with the insurance and buy him another used car. And they are things that annoy and that parents have to deal with when they would much rather spend that car money on a planned vacation for example. But in the big picture they mean nothing compared to the sacrifices of the parents and spouses and children of the men and women serving our country now.

Many who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

And it’s important to remember that.  If for no other reason that it gives you a good comeback to some mom whining about explaining breastfeeding to their kids.

I mean it’s not hard.  For example here’s me to my three sons as they grew up –  “They’re boobs son, and they’re for nourishment and, later on, fun.  It’s all good.”

See, it’s easy.



  1. Makes me a bit nuts the things people are paying attention to these days. Or maybe – what they’re not. Everybody has to go about living their lives but there is a lot of serious stuff happening out there!

  2. Good post, TRO. Perspective really is important and so easily lost.

  3. TRO, I updated my posts with some pics of Buddy that weren’t available when I first wrot them. Just FYI.

    Thanks for this.

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