Catching Up


After much research I’ve discovered that I have more hits when I actually post things instead of leaving days and even a week between posts.  I’m not sure if other bloggers have encountered this phenomenon but it seems to be a consistent pattern. No posts = no readers. Some posts = some readers. One post that gets linked to a fairly big blog (which happened to me recently) = a crap load of readers who, unfortunately, only stay for a moment and then never return.

Anyway, that’s my lame way of saying I am sorry for not posting and should do more of it, but fact is I may be the only government employee that seems to be overworked these days.  Not that I’m complaining. I am lucky to have a good job.  And I thank my lucky star every day that I chose wisely back when I left the Air Force and went this route instead of buying into that GM dealership that everyone told me was such a choice deal.  And believe me I know that I have an obligation to work hard and smart to earn my pay which is funded by lovely taxpayers like you – and me cause I pay taxes too.

(Actually all the people I work with are both hard and smart workers, but then again maybe I just got lucky.)

But work is no excuse.  Nor is family life which has thrown me a couple of loops lately that I am dealing with but which still take some time and energy from my already busy day.

Still, finding things to post about is harder and harder these days.  Politics?  It’s all depressing, save for watching the left make total asses of themselves. That’s amusing. Sometimes knee-slapping funny.  But when you think of the damage they are doing to this country – moving it towards bankruptcy and socialism, restricting free speech, criminally weakening our national defense – well, you just end-up collapsing on the floor with your bottle of gin crying through tears.

But anyway . . .

Aren’t you glad “balloon boy” is safe so he can do stuff like this? (Although technically he isn’t balloon boy because he never got in the fricken balloon.  He’s “hiding in the attic boy,” the little wuss.)

His parents must be so proud.

Sadly, they probably are. Seriously A “Wife Swap” family? I hate that show. If you’re going to wife swap go the whole nine-yards and get some action going, don’t just have them changing the rules about what kind of laundry detergent to use.

BTW, I don’t know if the parents rigged this or not, but they certainly created a circus atmosphere that would give the kids the idea to do it, don’t you think?

Let’s see, what else?

Obamacare? We’re about to be screwed, and that RINO from Maine is not helping matters, is she? All because she wants to help bail-out Maine’s own bankrupt public health care system. Selfish woman.

Tennessee’s public health plan sucked too until our Democrat governor trimmed it back. Glad I voted for him by the way.

What else? The global warming threat seems about over, which is a good thing. Now if the Al Gore threat would just fade away as well.

Oh, and while Obama may be the favorite of the Norwegians, he’s not so hot at home now what with only 43% of Americans willing to vote for him now. Too bad it took so much damage to our nation to convince those morons who did vote for him. Some remained unconvinced though, but I’m pretty sure the $4000 bump in insurance premiums and higher taxes for public health care will wipe out most of that. The rest, well, they’re brain-dead anyway.

BTW, Sarah Palin is so fricken good. Not only was she qualified to be VP, she’d be doing a gazillion times better than Barry as president. And she has a decent chance at that in 2012, although she will face a tremendous misogynist assault by the liberal media and the despicable left.

Well, that’s it, I gotta head to work. But before I go I will leave you with this music appreciation photo below which I stole from Theo along with the one up above.


Don’t for a moment think I wouldn’t play those bongos.


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