Bad News, Good News, Excellent News


The bad news is my Rebels got their butts kicked by Bama this weekend. Their such teases . . . like that girl in high school who made you think you had a chance and then slapped your hand away every time things got good. I have to take a cold shower after every damn game now. I’m really am growing to hate them. The offense anyway . . . the defense rocks.

The good news though is my Colts destroyed the Titans this weekend. Peyton never fails to satisfy.

But the most excellent news is this link to 101 Hottest Slave Princess Leia photos. Muslims can have their 72 virgins, all I want is 101 Slave Princess Leias when I get to heaven. Well, if.

Hat-tip to Ace of Spades.



  1. I wonder if she had any idea when she put on that metal bikini the kind of reaction it would get all these years later?

    • I doubt it. She certainly was cute, but not exactly a sexy women but, bam, put on that costume and she is suddenly the fantasy of every male Star Wars fan and even more than a few non-fans as well.

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