Not A Good Mix

These new commercials for Wonderful Pistachios? They don’t work for me. In fact, they pretty much assure I will never buy a bag of these things. And I love pistachios. And dominatrixs (dominatrixes?). Just not together.

Add in this one using that sterling example of a gentleman like Levi Johnston and one has to wonder what this company is thinking?

Is their plan to alienate half the country by dissing Sarah Palin and any people who don’t want to think of sex while they eat? Granted the latter group may be small – just me and George Constanza – but Sarah Palin has legions of supporters who are going to be immediately hate them. Legions.

That’s just bad business.

Surely some people find this great. Sarah haters for sure. But really are there that many who will buy these things just because Levi finally found some nuts bigger than his own?  I don’t think so.

So I would be surprised if this generates any lasting sales for this company. There may be a temporary spike, but then after a bit every pistachio lover will go back to their old brands, or if they are like me whichever brand is on sale.  Even the red-colored ones. They all taste the same anyway.

Oh yes, I didn’t even mention the fact that the commercials are annoying to parents who really don’t want their kids seeing sexual innuendo in a food commercial and have to change the channel quickly.  What’s next,  horny Chef Boyardee ads?  Way to make inroads in the family food market – not.

Hat-tip to The Hostages.



  1. It’s become a staple of American corporate marketing to insult half the population and then wonder why the company has a bad year. We’re a culture in intellectual decline. Morons are in charge far too often.

  2. Hope they don’t get them from Iran.

    Obama’s “tough” sanctions just might cut their nuts off.

  3. Earth to Gravatar!

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