Olympic Fail

Olympic Medals2

Not for America. It was a good thing for America. And for Chicago since neither the American taxpayers or the residents of Illinois and Chicago will be saddled with billions of dollars in additional debt. Nope the failure is Obama’s alone. His god-like ego keeps writing checks his human-self just can’t cash. Inexperience and hubris do not go well together and unfortunately he and Michelle seem incapable of figuring that out no matter how many times it bites them in their collective asses.

I mean they actually dragged Oprah with them? Like anyone really gives a crap about her any longer except bored American housewives.

It’s hard to see America suffering right now. Even harder to see that things may get worse before they get better. But if we can hold out and keep up the fight in 2010 things can turn around a bit. And then in 2012 our national nightmare (Is that over the top, I can never tell?) may be over.

Oh, in related news, the inexperienced candidate in the 2008 election has a book coming out soon and it’s already at Number 1.

Olympic failure.  Olympic success.

Yep, we chose poorly.  (Not the real “we” as in I am included. I sure didn’t vote for him.  No I meant the royal “we” as in America chose poorly.  Well, a little more than half of us anyway.)


  1. As much as I don’t like the U.S. getting slapped in the face – I’m not taking this that way. I think Obama just got bopped in the nose. Too bad he won’t learn anything from it. He needs to go!

  2. I doubt he, Michelle and Oprah would have gone to the trouble, for any other American city. Regardless, I really questioned the iimportance of his making that trip, when so many other important issues are at hand. Not to mention the costs involved in their little trek. But, hey, it’s only [our] money, right?

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