New Black Belt

Picture543 013

In only 33 months. Only – ha!

My youngest son receiving his 1st Degree Black Belt (recommended) in Tae Kwon Do. Part of his test below. I did a lot of video but I have no idea how to convert it from a disk to the computer and onto my blog so this is the best you get.

All I can say is both Chuck Norris and I are proud.

Picture543 005



  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! That takes hard work.

    • Thank you. He did work hard, but he also has a natural talent for it so he passed-up more than a few kids his age over the past couple of years. And to all the MMA elitists . . . to hell with ya. Now on to 1st Degree decided and then the real learning begins.

  2. TRO, I presume you can download from your video camera to the computer. After that, it’s easy peasy.

    go to youtube and sign in. Go to your profile page. Click the button to “upload video” and then select the file you want to upload.

    It takes a while to upload, but other than that it’s a breeze. From there, just insert it like any other video on WP.

  3. Congrats to the son, I bow to him! And congrats to the proud papa!

  4. Well done, TRO’s son!

  5. Thanks to you all . . . my goal . . his goal . . . is to have him well on his way to Third Degree by the time he graduates high school

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