See This Is Why I Am Not A Big Fan Of Blondes


All their brains are in their boobs.

Suzanne Somers thinks Patrick Swayze could have been alive today if he would have used alternative methods to treat his pancreatic cancer instead of chemotherapy.

The former “Three’s Company” star, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991 and rejected chemotherapy in favor of natural treatments, reportedly told Toronto-based columnist Shinan Govani that it was Swayze’s chemotherapy treatments, not pancreatic cancer, that ended his life prematurely.

“They took this beautiful man and they basically put poison in him,” she reportedly said. “Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins in his body? I hate to be this controversial. I’m a singer-dancer-comedienne. But we have an epidemic going on, and I have to say it.”

Some people . . . especially has-been celebrities like Chevy Chase, Roseanne Barr,  and former presidents like Jimmy Carter . . . should just go away. They only make the world a poorer place.


  1. Of those you named, may I say, especially Jimmy Carter?

  2. So you kinda hafta wonder if this blond moron offered any of this “knowledge” to him while he was alive. Hmmm, then if he had tried what she suggested – he might have died anyway and she would have been wrong. Much better to comment after he’s gone and didn’t have the benefit of her advice. Yuk. We don’t need her. Or the others you mentioned for that matter.

  3. Or perhaps his chemo extended his life, and his working life, by a long time. Most pancreatic cancer patients are dead within a couple months of their diagnosis. Swayze lasted about 18 months.

  4. Suzanne Somers not stupid. Do your research before you jump to conclusion. Conventional medicine is limited and have many side effects. Asians people have long gone for alternative natural medicine and survive cancer. Do you know what is vitamin B17 ? read, research, understand, and think before you comment.

    • If you think B17 can cure pancreatic cancer there’s no research I could ever present to you that would change your mind. It’s just stupid on it’s face.

      That said, send me some links to all these Asians who have been cured of cancer by alternative natural medicine.

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