10,000 Votes Wins or Loses An Election


Actually a few hundred votes (or less) wins or loses an election so Democrats and weak-assed Republicans really should pay attention when 10,000 people show up for some tea.

Breaking news from New Lenox/Joliet… the sheriff’s office is reporting to us that the crowd estimate for the rally here is 10,000+ and they are shutting down a portion of Interstate 80 for traffic control do to the massive influx of people.

The people are speaking and they aren’t bussed-in astroturfed union members, ANSWER and MoveOn commies or bored teens working for $15 a hour holding professionally printed signs.

They’re the real thing. Angry as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Barry can you hear them? Blind, deaf, and dumb is not the way to run a country, but it’s a sure way to see a change in leadership over the next three years starting with the mid-term elections in 2010.

Can you hear them now?



  1. …now we must stand tough in the wake of the unions and corporate finance policies being reviewed by the supreme court, they must not let them flood the electorate with money….

  2. I recently had someone tell me that we need to stop protesting and get behind the people we (they) elected and let them do what we (they) elected them to do. They didn’t see the point in town hall meetings, since those people had been put in place to do a specific job, and they need to (ignore their constituents/bosses) get on with it. I hate stupid people.

  3. I attended the New Lenox, Illinois Tea Party Express today where County Sheriff Dept. estimated the crowd to be 10,000 and traffic was so heavy they closed a portion of highway I 80 because of congestion.
    When I arrived home I turned on the local TV news and heard Chicago Channel 7 ABC news announce in a very short video clip, “hundreds attend Tea Party in New Lenox.”
    Here is another example of media bias short sighting the truth.
    Naperville, Illinois

  4. Great post.

  5. I’ve heard poeple say the same thing Kristina. Even though these people were elected, they don’t give a damn about the will of the people. They have their own private agendas and, sadly, we are not a part of it. They have woken a sleeping giant though, for so long, those of us who still have morals and values have sat quietly by. I’m thinking those days are over, but you would never know it by watching the news.

  6. There’s damn few congresscritters that won by a 10,000 vote margin. They damn well better start paying attention.

  7. Obama might hear but I’ll be damned if anyone can get him to care!

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