Oh Crap, He’s Bringing Out The Cotton Candy


Few people disagree with me in my comments so I don’t really have any reason to use this photo past it being funny as hell. Which it unarguably is.

Now this “failure to disagree with me” dealio has more to do with a) few people reading me in the first place, and b) me not saying anything worth arguing about, rather than my being so obviously right that one would be embarrassed to death by even trying to debate me, but regardless I figured I would post it so someone can use its overwhelming power to defeat and debase their enemies.  So feel free to take it and enjoy.

BTW, I cannot remember where I got it so thanks to whoever I stole it from.



  1. OMG you’re such a moron if you think cotton candy is going to help your argument when you are so clearly WRONG! Oh wait – you didn’t say anything to argue with.

    But I DO LOVE cotton candy!

    • It’s not the cotton candy . . . it’s the Morgan Freeman/cotton candy combo that negates all opposing arguments.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with you here. I have to say you are DEAD wrong on this. I can’t believe you would even voice that lame opinion. I think anyone with your opinion should be taken out back and….well, just kidding.

  3. Cotton candy? Opinions? Morgan Freeman (yes, I know who he is)?

    Okay, folks; there are times when I’m the sharpest tack in the toolbox. There are other times when I’m more like a wooden dowel–not sharp, at all. This feels like one of those times, and I don’t like it one little bit!

  4. THAT IS NOT COTTON CANDY … it’s a dust mop !!!

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