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1. Break out the frying pan, today is International Bacon Day.

2. Men lose their minds when talking to pretty women. Followed at some point by their manhood, wallets, houses, cars, and other real property.

3. Sci-Fi’s Most Beautiful Stars:1933 – 2008. Being a big fan of Sci Fi and a big fan of women obviously I had to post this. Favorites are Caroline-Munro, Jenny Agutter, Carrie Fisher in her slave-girl costume (yum), and Monica Belluci (double yum). Some of these aren’t really Sci Fi films though. Ghost? The Princess Bride? And where the frack is Sigourney Weaver?

4. People of Wal-Mart. My Wal-Marts are never as interesting as these seem to be, or maybe I just haven’t noticed because I’m one of these people of Wal-Mart.

5. Deep-fried butter. So good it tastes like buttaaaa. Deep-fried buttaaa.

6. Speaking of food, how about some Hawaiian Shaved Ice. The one with the beans and condensed milk is intriguing although if you’re lactose intolerant the legume/milk combo might be deadly to you and anyone else within a three mile radius.

7. How to apologize like a man. And when not to which is just as important I think. Groveling is usually appropriate if it involves the wife.

** Thanks to Ace for the, what the hell does one call it, “Acealanch?”  I wish it were for something profound or funny or just for something I had written at all, but instead all I got was a video I stole from someone else.  But what the hell, I’ll take what I can get



  1. I hope I never see myself in any of those Wal-Mart photos.

    And hey, I’ve had Paula Deen’s recipe for deep fried butter for a couple years now. She is the Butta Queen!

  2. “Wow, great post.A lot thanks again. Much obliged.”

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