Cougar Convention


Funny the cougars always look better on TV shows.

Same goes for hookers too, though. They’re mostly “Pretty Women” on TV, but in real life they look more like, well, hookers really look, which is scary to put it kindly.

BTW, that’s a professional observation about the hookers, not a personal one. I made up my mind years ago while dating that the most I was going to ever pay for sex was dinner and a movie.

And let me make it clear that I am not comparing hookers to cougars at all. For one thing, hookers get paid for their services while I imagine cougars often pick-up the tab on their dates. I hear budgets are tight for college kids these days.



  1. Um I’ll say they look pretty scary!

    • For the record, not all real life prostitutes (sex trade professionals) are scary looking. I think to assume that everything in hollywood looks better is not too far off; however, also based on personal experiences, the kind of working girls that aren’t so daisy fresh are the ones who have likely expired beyond their spring chicken best before date.

      Many less attractive sex professionals have ended up at the bottom of the barrel in the industry perhaps from a whole list of socio-economic, abusive relation ships, and drug addiction issues. They girls that work the streets are there usually because they contracted a disease through personal negligence, rape from a client or personal partener (pimp), and/or unsafe drug use. Perhaps these girl use to look pretty but their lives wore away at some much inner beauty that no more can shine through.

      Beauty is like art, it’s interpretation is only through the senses of the beholder.

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