Cowboy Recipes That Will Put Hair On Your Chest


Are listed here, if you’re interested in, you know, hairing-up your chest.

I especially like this one.

Sonofabitch Stew

This was a favorite beef stew dish among cowboys of the America West. It was also known as rascal stew or by the name of some unpopular figure of the time. For example, some cowboys called it Cleveland Stew in (dis)honor of President Grover Cleveland displacing cowboys from the Cherokee Strip. If you’re not into eating animal organs, pass this one up. However, if you want to put some hair on your chest, belly up to the table and pound this meal down.

2 pounds of lean beef

Half a calf heart

1 ½ pounds of calf liver

1 set sweetbreads (that’s the thymus gland for you city slickers)

1 set of brains

1 set of marrow gut

Salt, pepper to taste

Louisiana hot sauce

Cut the beef, liver, and heart into one inch cubes. Slice the marrow gut into rings. Place these ingredients into the Dutch oven and cover with water. Let it simmer for 2 to 3 hours. Add salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Chop sweetbreads and brains into small pieces and add to stew. Simmer another hour.

Not that I would eat it, but the name just sounds good. Sonofabitch Stew – you can’t get any more manly than that.



  1. Blech! *shudders*

  2. But I already have a hairy chest……

  3. Wow! that’s one recipe you have there. How could’ve they eaten that?

    • I suppose they needed some real nourishment back in those days – hardworking that they were I imagine filling their bellies was more important than it tasting delish or watching calories.

      Besides maybe it tastes better than we think – lol

  4. I’ll pass on the stew !!!

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