Screw The Union Label

Frankly it would be more moral to support the folks who employ child labor overseas than these thugs. Okay, that isn’t true, but these people aren’t much better than that. They appear to be one step away from breaking legs for a living.

I’ve had a hard time with unions for years. Back before I joined the Air Force I had a private sector job in lower-management and for about six weeks our plant was closed down due to a union strike. Now since I was management (barely) I had to work anyway and every day I had to drive past these people – some of who I thought I knew well and liked – as they pounded on my car and called me the most vile names. I was only 23 and new to the real world but let me tell you it made a lasting impression. I quit the job shortly after mostly because it sucked in general but also because I couldn’t stand being around those people after that nightmare.

Since that time I haven’t had one good thought about a union.  Nor will I ever.

I don’t know if there is a list of products that are made without union workers but if there is and I can find it I will buy those products over union-made stuff every time.



  1. I’m not fond of unions myself, although I’ve never had that kind of experience. I just don’t get what right they have to sit outside a business with a big inflated rat because there are non-union workers inside. Can you say BULLY much?

  2. The same kind of thing happened during the teacher strike. I saw teachers scream at those people who had to cross the picket lines – bus drivers, aides, secretaries – and even now there are still very hard feelings between the two groups, who happen to belong to two different unions.

    I had to join a union when I worked for a grocery store (it may have been SEIU, I can’t remember) and all I got out of it was a lunch and two breaks when I had to work an eight hour day.

    Of course, I can’t voice my growing dislike of unions, not with a step-father who belongs to one through GE. And, you know, that union goes on strike every year.

  3. A friend of mine taught in the lower grades (elem-middle) for more than 35 years. During the teacher’s strike in the late-’70s, he had the same kind of experience as GroovyVic. He was kind of ambivalent about striking, but he cared about the kids and felt some loyalty to the school, so he went to the school the first morning, just to see what was going on. When he drove in, his car was surrounded with teachers banging on it and calling him every possible name, most of ’em filthy. Some of these were “friends” with whom he had taught for several years. He drove on through, went inside, and he and the principal taught for the duration. Those teachers never spoke to him, again, with the exception of one woman he won over, eventually. He transferred to another school, the next year, just to get out of the environment. He said that, if they ever struck again, he’d just leave town for a while.

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