Twenty-six Years Ago My Wife Lowered Her Standards


To marry me. And for that I am eternally grateful.

No, it wasn’t a Somewhere in Time relationship, although I imagine it was quite fun to undress women back in the olden days. Sort of like ripping the ribbon and paper off a well-wrapped Christmas present – frustrating and exciting at the same time. This was taken at some amusement park as a present for me while I was away doing Air Force stuff as I often was back then. It’s one of my favorite pictures of her though so I thought I would post it.

And, yeah, I guess it possibly could blow my secret identity, but I’m not too worried. Just if you know her, please don’t shout out our names on the blog for heaven’s sake.



  1. Perhaps I should let your wife borrow my 19th century clothing so you can find out just how much fun that stuff was!

    Have a happy day!

  2. Happy anniversary, luv! She is a beauty!

  3. Happy anniversary! She is, of course, beautiful. You’re a lucky dog!

  4. You so often have referred to her as “Loving Wife”; you could vary that with “Lovely Wife” and still be truthful. I wish the two of you many more great years together!

  5. Very lovely wife! Hopefully you’ll have many more happy years together.

  6. Thank God that most of us have been able to marry up! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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