Dissolving Bikini


You have to love this.

A bikini that dissolves in water has outraged killjoy women’s rights campaigners.

The saucy thong swimsuit – sold as the perfect present for dumped boyfriends – looks like a real bikini but disappears completely after just a few seconds in water.

Sellers in Germany bill the Get Naked costume as a chance for men to get their own back after a break-up.

But women’s rights campaigner Rosmarie Zapfl stormed: “It is an absolute insult to women that this has been invented.”

Lord, an “insult to women?” Come on, now. It may be sneaky and mean and inappropriate, but an insult? Please. If a gal had thought of this for men it would be the giggle-fest of women everywhere.

Oh well, you can’t buy some people a sense of humor.

BTW, if anyone needs a new bathing suit just let me know. I’ll sell them to you at a discount and take the loss. It’s just the kind of guy I am.

Hat-tip to Maggie’s Farm.


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  1. […] that dissolving bikini I posted about a while back.  Well, here the crazy Japanese prank some girls into getting wet […]

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