Killing The Used Car Industry

The government that is. One car at a time. Along with all those jobs related to the used car sales, like parts supply. And all those perfectly good used cars that the poor – you know the ones that the Democrats and Barry want to help out – can afford are now being destroyed for no other reason than the fantasy that is global warming.

So lets review. Yeah, the cash for clunker deal is helping out the new car industry and stimulating the economy a bit, but at the same time it is hurting the used car industry and making it more difficult for people who can’t afford a new car to buy a good used one.

Makes perfect sense.

Hat-tip to Ace for the video.



  1. Yeah, good sense…like everything else these people have done, over the past 6 months. Can’t wait ’til they raise our taxes–year, even on that oft-mentioned middle class that Obama promised not to tax further.

  2. None of this stuff is ever thought out to the conclusion. Amazing.

  3. The Dems hand out free money and people take it. To them that’s a victory.
    What Barry has really accomplished is he’s taken money from people who earned it and gave it to people who didn’t.

  4. I wonder how much gas was burned to ruin a perfectly good engine? Now it’s a trip to the shredder and 25% of that car will be dumped into a land fill. Had we not had this brilliant plan the energy used to ruin this engine, shred the car, and dump the waste would have been delayed for probably a good 10-15 years and some high school kid would have had something decent to drive. Way to go Congress! Brilliant as usual.

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